TMSM Explains: Free Things to Do and Money Saving Ideas For Walt Disney World Part 2

October 2, 2016


Whenever people ask about how to “Save Money At Disney” in the Nation we see the same answers pop up a lot. Answers like  “Ask for a free cup of ice water instead of buying bottled water.” “Ask PhotoPass Photographers to take a picture with your camera.” and “Check out Kidcots, the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, and Wilderness Explorers because they are free with your admission.” On this week’s TMSM Explains we want to share the second part of a few unique free or money saving ideas. Last week we shared the first part of this rather long list, so if you missed it please feel free to go check it out here!

  • Pay attention to the new Disney Parks Shopping App. This new app not only tells you where to find items in park as well as lets you order items from in the parks to be sent back to your room, on occasion they offer a discount on merchandise too!
  • Pay attention to retail sales before you head to the parks. If come this fall you know you will be going to Walt Disney World in 2017 at Halloween pay attention to the Disney Store’s after Halloween Costume clearance sale. Remember to keep in mind possible growth spurts when picking a costume size, and keep the costumes put away until you go to pack so that the kids don’t wear them out.
  • Give the kids a “gift” budget, and let them earn that budget money. With each allowance cycle, put a part of the kid’s money up and then before put that money on a Disney Gift Card. This will not only teach the kids the art of saving money, it will also help you limit how much is spent on toys etc. in the parks.
  • Decorate your MagicBands at home. TMSM has shared several articles in the past on how to decorate your MagicBand at home allowing you to create a fun and unique band that shows off your favorite character or ride. Customizing your own free MagicBand that comes with your resort stay will perhaps persuade you to not spend $20 or more on an in park customized band.
  • If you are partaking in adult beverages, ask about flights. Many locations offer them and this allows you to try several of a park or dining locations alcohol offerings at a rather decent price. (“Flight” meaning “sample of wine/tequila/etc”)
  • If you are renting a car, pay attention to discounts. The best way to do this is actually really easy. Open up Google and type in the “___rental company name__ discount codes” then hit enter. The number of discount codes that pop up will floor you. You can even narrow down your search to when you are traveling by adding the month and year to the end of your Google search.
  • Have a yard sale, make friends with EBay, and donate often. Take the time to regularly clear out items you don’t need or use. When you do this either sell them at a yard sale or on EBay, or donate them. When selling them put the money you earn in your savings account, and when donating take the equivalent of that donation out of your tax return and put it in your savings. Not only will you get rid of clutter, you will make money for your trip.
  • Ask for Disney Gift cards. When people ask you “what do you want for your birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Arbor Day” tell them Disney Gift Cards! If they are unsure of where to buy a Disney Gift Card feel free to share our Explains article on the topic with them!!
  • If you go to Walt Disney World often, look into an Owner’s Locker. (DVC members you get a sign up discount in your member perks section!!) Drew and I have had a locker for years. This amazing box is delivered to our resort’s bell service desk. We keep full size shower items, first aid items, blister Band-Aids, anti chafe, medication, hats, sunscreen, flip flops, pin trading fodder, a spare Cepap hose for Drew and more in it.  This not only saves us money on buying travel sized items, and from buying “oops I forgot my _____” items at the parks; it also makes it easier for us to fly straight carry on if we so choose. When we are done with it Owner’s Locker picks up you locker and returns it to a secure, temperature controlled storage facility.
  • Pay attention to free entertainment options on non-park days. The sing-along at Camp Wilderness, performers at Disney Springs and hotel activities are great ways to save money and have fun.
  • Take a moment and consider those expensive add-ons. Will your vacation be ruined if you don’t book the Boutique or a dessert party? In the case of the Boutique the Disney Spas have a much less expensive Princess Package that will do hair (with glitter) make-up and nails, if the glitterrifficness is a must do. Not only do these packages cost less, they are MUCH easier to book and they allow your Princess to have a much more unique look. If you are realizing that a blinding application of glitter is something you can do yourself, pack some spray-on hair glitter from your local party store, and apply to your Princesses’ hair in your resort room. (May I suggest having them stand in your room’s shower or outside your room door to limit the glitter over spray from taking over your carpet and furniture!)
  • Follow The Main Street Mouse and The Main Street Monthly on Facebook. We love to share deals and specials that we come across that can help you save money. And unlike some, we will never charge you a fee for those tips!
  • Visit TMSM’s home page! Our sponsors and affiliates offer some amazing prices on ECV and Stroller rental, grocery delivery and more!
  • When considering those “custom matchey patchy family shirts” ask yourself “Will we use these again, or are these a one time and done clothing item?” If the answer to the question is “No, we won’t use them again.” why not skip the custom shirts and instead get matching or themed shirts fromHotTopicTeeFury or TeePublic that you will wear again when you get home? I get just as many compliments on my Lilo and Stitch take on ET shirt and my new Sabine from Star Wars Rebels shirts when I wear them in the parks as I do when I wear them at home.
  • Print our Mousekeeping envelopes, Global Passport for Epcot, and Around the World Drinking Challenge for free from TMSM!! Our printables section is loaded with fun free things to do!
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