Since the growth of The Main Street Mouse, Michele and I have really had to learn how to do many different jobs that neither of us ever learned how to do.  In learning how to do reporting, we also had to learn how to photograph and video events in order to share the news with our readers. Over the years we have purchased different cameras for still photos and video.  The sad thing is, none of them ever produced images and video as good as our iPhones. I know there are better video cameras and better still cameras, we have just never had the time to invest in learning all the features. Using the iPhone has always worked well for us. For video, the quality has always been great.

One problem we have run into time after time when Michele would talk to the camera as a reporter, was that the sound was always poor. I could stand closer to her and it would be a bit better, but we were just never happy with the output. Also, when holding the iPhone, sometimes my arms and hands would get shaky. Standing and recording 12 minutes of fireworks or 20 minutes of a parade, the video gets a bit rough to watch at times. In addition, I’ve never been one to carry a tripod with me, I like to take as little as I can to the parks. If it fits in my backpack great, but the more I carry the longer it takes through security and also I’m stuck with it on my back in the hot sun all day. Not fun.

A few months ago, while scrolling through Instagram I saw a sponsored post for a product that would turn your cell phone into a full video rig including an input for a microphone and had a stabilizer bar to help from the video getting shaky. That product is the iKlip A/V from IK Multimedia. Of course seeing the ad and wanting to do more video production, I clicked on it to read more. I was fascinated this product existed and I’ve never seen one like it before. I kept doing my research, reading reviews and really like the product.


I emailed IK Multimedia as I was very interested in the product and they sent one out for me to try it right away.  I was very excited waiting for it to arrive, as building our video catalog and YouTube channel have been something we have wanted to do for some time now.

Upon receiving the package, I was very pleased with the construction of the rig. It’s a very strong metal, but not heavy. I have the iPhone 6 Plus and hoped the mount for the phone wouldn’t be a problem, and it wasn’t. Unlike other clips I’ve seen on “selfie sticks,” I feel my phone safe and not going to fall out. The clip is very strong and can adjust to many different phone sizes. It also holds the phone in a landscape setting, which is the best for recording any video.  One thing that bugs me is to watch someone record video on their phone in portrait mode. Televisions, movie theaters and even computer monitors are all in landscape mode, so your videos should be also.  The iKlip A/V has a standard XLR mic jack, this gives you a very strong connection and helps the sound to record better. With us working in the theme parks, I thought it would be best to get a wireless microphone that the receiver could plug into the rig and the other Michele would be talking yards away and I’m capturing the sound as if she is right next to me.


One of the great features with the iKlip A/V, I have the ability to have headphones plugged into the rig and I’m able to adjust the volume of the sound of the microphone live and adjust as needed. On the front, there is also a clip where you can connect the microphone receiver, so you aren’t fumbling with that while trying to record the video. Unfortunately for me, my microphone plug wouldn’t connect directly into the XLR, so I had to purchase a connector which I found on Amazon for just $6.


One great feature, if you are someone who doesn’t mind carrying your tripod with you, the iKlip A/V has a standard UNC thread mount. You can set up your tripod, mic on your reporter and record amazing video that you will be very satisfied with. For those who don’t have a tripod available or don’t want to carry it, the handle is comfortable in your hand. One additional thing that makes this rig a great value, if you do have a normal DSLR or video camera, you can attach it to the mount and elevate the level of sound you can record on that device.  So not only will it work for your mobile phone, it will work on other recording devices.



Final Thoughts:

For ANYONE that does video production for a blog or YouTube, the iKlip A/V is a great solution at a much cheaper rate than what a full camera and microphone set up will cost you. Also, a much lighter option for carrying than a full video camera system. Now-a-days, everyone uses their phone for photos and videos, and the iKlip A/V will help you to take your videos to another level of quality.

You can order your iKlip A/V today by clicking HERE.  In addition to the iKlip A/V, IK Multimedia has some great products for musicians, DJ’s, video producers, and audio recording.  Make sure to visit their website at http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/ and see the entire list of products they have available.


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