Happy Wednesday! It’s been a long week, or so it feels, since we’ve last chatted. It’s been our month end crunch in our household, so I’ve been pretty tied down with work. That’s ok though, because the weather has been pretty rainy here, as I’m sure you’ve seen. It doesn’t look to be getting any better for the next few days but we’ll see.

Last week was busy. We had something to do work wise almost every day. On Saturday, my little guy woke up with a pinch of a fever, so we were pretty much home all weekend. There’s some sort of bug going around that gives you a sore throat, fever, stuffy nose…. all the fun stuff. I wasn’t feeling too great either but we seem to be on the mend. I’m needing a Disney fix though. As I always complain about, month end is always extra work because of the magazine, and we’re pretty much home all day for a few days to get it done. I’m itching to get to the Magic Kingdom to see the Halloween decorations though, I know they’re there because the first Halloween Party is on Friday. Can you believe that? I sure can’t! Halloween at Disney is so much fun. I enjoy the Fall season here. Then before we know it, the Christmas decorations will be up and we’ll be getting ready for our big TMSM meet up on November 12th! I know, one thing at a time…. right?


When you’re home for an extended period, like when the kids are sick or whatever the reason is, it gives you downtime which causes some to think. At least for me, my mind wanders. I started thinking about how things were before we moved to Florida, and how I had a dream (insert Tangled music here) to move to Florida for the better of TMSM. So now that I’m here, now what? Do I still have a dream, so to speak? Well sure I do, it’s just different. There is still so much I want to do with TMSM, it’s just finding the time to do so. More projects, more videos…. just more. But besides my Disney dreams, what else is there? A big one on my dream list is a home. No, we don’t live in a tent outside, I don’t mean it that way! I mean, a home of our own. Like so many who move to Florida, we rent a house, we don’t own one. This is the first time in my life where I’ve had to deal with having a landlord and paying rent and such, and it’s expensive. I think to myself how that money could go towards something that’s ours. I’d love for the boys to have a bedroom that we could paint and decorate how they’d like it. Or, to be able to fancy up the landscaping and such, paint the house inside and out, things like that. I hate that looming feeling in the back of my head, that I know this house isn’t ours and I know that moving again is something that we will have to deal with. Moving was hard, across the country of course, but I think in general it’s a hard thing. But yeah, it’s a dream of mine. One of them anyhow.

So yes, I dream of bigger things for TMSM…. and a home of our own…. what else? Hmm. Short term goals? I’d like to go to the Halloween party at Disney, I just have to figure out when and if we can afford to do it. Disney has all kinds of great extras as you know, but when you live here, you have to pick and choose what you’re going to do. Being a Disney local is a whole different ballgame, it’s expensive to live here, and we can’t just go do Disney dinners or separate ticket events whenever we want. I wish we could. I suppose that could be another dream for the wish list, to be able to do more. But, truly, I can’t complain. Yes, it’s hard here, yes it’s expensive and sometimes a bit lonely, but we live close to my happy place, it’s a good thing. Even if we’re short on money, we can go to Disney property and watch fireworks or walk around. That’s always fun. People always have questions about making the big move, and what it’s really like, and I just try to be honest. It’s not easy, but you get by. There’s always a way to make those dreams happen if you push hard enough, if I can do it, anyone can.

Remember earlier this summer, I had said we hit a rough patch, and I had some health issues? I also said I was going to write about it, in order to try to help others, which I did but basically chickened out when it came time to put it out there. Well, like with everything else, facing fear is something I’m always pushing myself to do, and I’m publishing that article in the September issue of The Main Street Monthly. No, it wasn’t easy to write. Am I nervous about it? Yep, I sure am. But…. sometimes if we’re brave enough to talk about things we go through, we can possibly help someone else who maybe feels alone and could use the encouragement. That’s what I’m hoping for. I always shoot straight with our readers, I can’t stop doing that now. I think that’s what makes us different, we’re not all about news or being the biggest out there. It’s about connecting to our TMSM family and creating one big Ohana. I’m praying that by putting that article out in this months Disney in the City section, that it will touch some of you out there, and maybe make a difference to someone, somehow. We shall see, but I’m trying to stay strong and positive. Well my friends, that’s it for this week. As always, thank you for keeping up with me every Wednesday evening, it’s appreciated. Until next week… sending you many hugs, blessings and extra pixie dust. See ya real soon! ~M

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