Random Facts About Pirates of the Caribbean ~ Tuesdays With Corey

Random Facts About Pirates of the Caribbean ~ Tuesdays With Corey 1


For those of you TMSM fans who actually read my articles, you know that I am a sucker for random facts about Disney. I’ve done several different articles on various attractions and recently completed one on the ever-popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. So here you go, 10 Random Facts about Pirates of the Caribbean.

1. Next time you’re walking through the queue line and come upon the two fine fellows playing chess, who have been sitting and playing for so long they have become skeletons, take a look at the chessboard. It has long been long rumored that they were in a stalemate and sat so long that they died, but this has been proven false in the past few years. Originally the stalemate gag was the plan. The pieces get rearranged on a regular basis.
2. Several scenes have been changed over the years because Disney thought that they might be too racy for guests. In some of the original scenes Pirates chase women around trying to catch them.
3. George Bruns, who was a co-writer for The Ballad of Davy Crockett, composed the music. The lyrics were written by X. Atencio who is also known for writing the script and the lyrics (Grim Grinning Ghost) for The Haunted Mansion.
4. Pirates of the Caribbean was the last ride that Walt Disney personally oversaw during development. He died during construction.
5. The fire effect was so realistic that the Anaheim Fire Chief asked that the effect automatically shut off in case of a real fire.
6. Look closely at the padlock during the scene of the dog with the keys and the pirates trying to lure him over. The lock is in shape of a very famous mouse head.
7. It may seem like a long drop but the drop in WDW is only 14 feet. In the process of the drop you’re actually going under the Walt Disney World Railroad.
8. The ride was originally going to be a walk through wax museum about pirate history. The popularity of the other boat rides changed this idea.
9. The world premier of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was held at Disneyland and featured the longest red carpet in history (trailing from Main Street into New Orleans Square).
10. The plans for the Western River Expedition were scrapped so that the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction could be built in Florida.


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