Well, well…. said in my best Maleficent voice…. it’s Wednesday evening once again. We all know what that means, don’t we? Yes, it’s time for our weekly chat, and as always, I’m raring to go!

Oh lets see….. where do I begin? The second week of school is underway and I’m already tired. It’s still SO weird, having to take the kids to school when it’s still Summer for most people, especially North of here. While others are continuing to have fun, we’re getting up for school runs at 6 am. Now that’s not fun. It’s still so crowded down here, with people getting in those last minute Disney trips. Fast Passes are few unless you prepare ahead of time, like, way ahead of time. It’s been pretty rainy as well, so we’ve been laying low. Last Thursday we did attend the welcoming ceremony at the Magic Kingdom for Elena of Avalor. The Disney Channel was broadcasting live as well, and that’s always interesting to see. It reminded me of how they do the Christmas Parade taping. Pretty cool. You can check out a clip below!


On Saturday, since the Parks looked packed, we decided to go to Universal Studios instead. That didn’t pan out either, it was just as crowded there but worse. Truthfully, the past few times we’ve gone to Universal, it’s been a bit of a bummer. Long lines, crowds, lots of wandering around aimlessly or just standing in eternal lines. I believe Disney has us spoiled with the whole Fast Pass thing. Granted, you can get a similar type of thing at Universal, but you have to pay extra for it. It’s expensive. So, wandering is what we did. Oh, a worthy mention, at CityWalk the new steampunk themed restaurant, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is almost done, it’s huge too! I can’t wait to check that out!


So, the partial title of this weeks blog maybe made you say “hmmm”… or maybe not. Not only is Loki my favorite character in the Avengers universe, he has one of the best lines, by saying he’s “burned with glorious purpose.” That line makes me think, oddly enough. I’ve been looking back on my own life, and seen all the ups and downs and such, and something is eating away at me. Do I have a “glorious purpose” too, and if so, what is it? Yes, we took a huge risk and moved to Florida, which I still can’t believe, trust me. I feel like there is more, more I need to do or should do. Sure, moving to Florida was a big one, but I’ve been here two years, and like my Dad tells me, I’m on the edge of something even better. He believes that, but then again, I’m his kid. We have been trying to do more videos, make more fun Disney products for our Etsy store, and of course are always working TMSM. But what is that extra nagging feeling? I’m not 100% sure yet. What about you? Are there things you feel like you should do or WISH you could do? Well, if it’s not too far fetched… who says you can’t do those things? I think fear stops us sometimes, of trying to better ourselves and take chances. Sometimes we have those negative voices in our own heads telling us we’re too old, tired, broke, scared, etc (you fill in the blank) to achieve those dreams we have. I say, that’s not true. Just like I’m trying to find my glorious purpose, I encourage you all to do the same. Life is short, and you ARE worthy of doing the things that will make you happy. If one thing doesn’t work out right, then try something else. The only competition you have is with yourself, it doesn’t matter what the others are doing. Who cares! I’m sure I’m not alone in this….. and I’m going to keep pushing to figure it all out. If I can do it, so can you.

Whew, that felt GOOD to get that out! Sometimes when it’s rainy or it’s quiet, I get this fire inside me because I think too much, then BOOM, out comes ideas for writing. People have asked me what’s the best part of having TMSM, and besides the wonderful people I’ve met, a lot of it is getting to make a difference somehow. Being able to share my thoughts and stories with others who really get it. You understand my Disney obsession, you have a lot of the same dreams and feelings as I do, and I’m so blessed that we get to share in those things. There is more coming, I know it….. I just thank you all for caring enough to stay on this journey with me. So my dear friends, that concludes this weeks edition of Adventures in Florida Living. Until next week…. let me leave you with something different…. be inspired, be brave, and find your inner fire. Believe that you can! Big hugs Main Streeters… see ya real soon! ~M

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4 thoughts on “TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Burdened With Glorious Purpose”
  1. Michelle I enjoy your writing & the awesome videos you share with us. I am 64 & we will both be retiring soon. My advice for you & anyone else is, if at all possible follow your passion. Don’t wait as tomorrow or someday may not come soon enough. It seems to me you & your family are doing just that & I admire you for it.
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

  2. So I always read these, just never comment. But the whole thing about doing something, I am even in this “omg we are actually working on moving to florida!” state of mind. We had moved down to Orlando in 08 and just couldn’t get good enough jobs to stay down.. among roommate problems.. we would still be there.

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