The New YesterEars Vintage Apparel Collection Is Being Released Tomorrow!


Starting tomorrow and running through 8/25/16 the first of three releases in a new line of vintage Disney inspired clothing, called YesterEars, will be released on the Disney Store website. This month’s collection will feature three different shirts that honor the history of the Walt Disney World Resort, which turns 45 on October 1st this year.   eyes4896723

The first shirt is based on the original Walt Disney World Preview Center advertisement. For those unfamiliar with the Preview Center, this building, located on Hotel Plaza Boulevard, let guests see what the Magic Kingdom would be like and how progress was coming while the park was being built. The Preview Center was open from 1/10/70-9/30/71.


The second shirt is a recreation of an original 1983 Dreamfinder and Figment shirt and features the two on the bicycle/blimp that use to be seen in Journey Into Imagination at Epcot.


The third shirt is a X-S Tech shirt inspired by ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter which was open in Tomorrowland from 6/20/95 until 10/11/03 and was replaced by Stitch’s Great Escape.  The X-S shirt features the company logo of X-S Tech, the corporation seen in the Alien’s movies, that was “intent on demonstrating its interplanetary teleportation apparatus.”

If “YesterEars” is ringing a bell you don’t have to running off to grab old park maps. The name of this new limited edition vintage clothing collection was taken from a store at the old Downtown Disney Pleasure Island. Keep an eye on TMSM for the second release in this line which should drop sometime in September!

Also, don’t forget to take a moment to order the Limited Release ”it’s a small world” shirt currently available on the Disney Store website! This shirt, which commemorates ”it’s a small world” the 50th anniversary at  Disneyland and 45th anniversary at Walt Disney World, features the classic Disneyland and Walt Disney World logos on back and is available for a limited time.





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