Don’t Be “That Guy” at Disney, Special Edition

It’s been awhile, and I know some of you have been asking about our popular series, “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney.” These blogs are always done with a humorous tone, and truly I love doing them. Yes, we have a funny one coming, but today, I have a serious “that guy” story, or in this case, “that girl.”

Earlier this week, we were enjoying an evening out at the Magic Kingdom, sort of a last hurrah before school started. As we were strolling through Fantasyland, I heard a commotion and heard someone say “Oh my gosh, look!” I was shocked and angry at what I saw.


If you look closely on the pic above, you’ll see a person up higher on the back end of Cinderella Castle. Apparently, this gal scaled the iron gate that blocks off the stairs that go up the back of the Castle. She boldly ran up the stairs to the balcony area to take selfies. She stopped to take another photo on the way down. Now, this happened in front of a crowded area, and her need to get the perfect selfie apparently made her throw caution to the wind. I was shocked at the absolute nerve of this person. From what I heard from Cast Member friends, this isn’t the first time someone has tried this, just the first time I saw it.


Within a few moments after she ran down the stairs, a Cast Member went up to check the area, I assume to make sure nothing was disturbed or left up there. I was standing too far away to see what happened, but let me tell you, I HOPE she got busted. Please, don’t be “that guy/gal” who would do something like that. As sad as it is, these days you can’t be too careful. Disney is doing great with security, they have Sheriff officers at the gates, and I truly feel safe taking my family there. It makes their jobs harder when people do things they aren’t supposed to, or go in areas that are forbidden to guests. Now, I’m not one to get up on my soapbox very often, but to do something like that, cause havoc, all in the name of a selfie…… oh heck no. That’s not ok. Our society has gotten so entitled, and it’s sad that people think that this would even be close to a good idea. I’m not sure what happens to someone who would scale the back of the Castle, but I hope they were able to catch up to the selfie queen and deal with her appropriately.

So, that’s my own public service announcement if you will. I appreciate you letting me get that off my chest! Next time we’ll do one of our fun blogs that I know people enjoy, I promise it’s coming. Until then, remember, don’t be “that guy” at Disney!

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