Today In Disney History ~ August 8th

Today In Disney History ~ August 8th


Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins is a 2000 Disney animated direct-to-video film that acts as a pilot to the television series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Set in the fictional universe of the Pixar film series Toy Story, the film inspired a line of Buzz Lightyear toys. The opening computer-animated sequence was created by Pixar, while the rest of the film was traditionally animated by Walt Disney Television Animation. It was the only film spin-off of a Pixar film until 2013’s theatrical Cars spin-off film Planes.
Tim Allen reprises his role as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, as do Wallace Shawn, R. Lee Ermey, Jeff Pidgeon, and Joe Ranft as Rex, Sarge, Squeeze Toy Aliensand Wheezy respectively. Woody is voiced by Jim Hanks, the younger brother of original Woody voice actor Tom Hanks (As Hanks was too busy working on Cast Away), and Hamm is voiced by Andrew Stanton instead of John Ratzenberger. Originally, Patrick Warburton, (the TV series voice for Buzz), voiced Buzz for the film, and when it was released to video, his lines were redubbed by Tim Allen.
When the movie was later edited into three episodes of the television show, the opening “Andy’s Room” sequence was removed and used Patrick Warburton’s Buzz Lightyear dialogue.
The entire film was animated using traditional cel-based animation techniques.

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