5 Suggestions on How to Save Battery Life on your Electronics at Disney Parks!


I’m finding that while spending the day at any Disney Park, my battery life on my phone and tablet seems to dwindle down quickly. No, not from taking a ton of selfies, as that’s not my thing, just from taking random park pics or small videos! Before I know it, my phone is almost dead and I’m only half way through my day. I came across some tips from Disney World direct on how to help save battery life and though I’d share. Here’s what they suggested~

* Look for charging stations ~ Find charging spots at Cosmic Ray’s, near Space Mountain and Rapunzel’s Village at Magic Kingdom. These locations can change, so ask a Cast Member where the nearest one is.

* Use In Park Wi-Fi ~ Switch into airplane mode to conserve battery life on your phone, and use the in park wi-fi as well. You’ll see “Disney Guest” as a possible connection in your settings. Don’t forget to shut the airplane mode off though for phone calls!

* Carry a Phone Charging Pack ~ You can purchase a phone charging pack at many merchandise locations, as well as off property gift shops and drug stores. These run on batteries and are great if you need a quick charge. If you don’t have a charge pack why not visit our online store and see the new TMSM Power Pack!

* Take a Time Out ~ If you’re staying at a Disney Resort, take a mid day break and head back to the room. You can charge your devices and cool off in the meantime!

* Turn off unused phone features ~ Whether you realize it or not, there are apps that stay open and running on your phone even when you’re not using them. Be sure to shut off Bluetooth and other gaming apps and such, they drain the battery quickly!

I hope you find these tips useful, I know I did!

*Above photo from Pinterest and not created by TMSM!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. On our last trip we used a battery charger but we only had one so we were always fighting for it. We are buying another one for our next trip. And we will try to remember about the charging stations!

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