Finding Dory Photobooth Prop Craft

July 17, 2016 ,

From Disney Inspired


Print out these fun Finding Dory props and practice your poses. To add an extra aquatic touch, create a seaweed backdrop using strips of green and blue tissue paper taped to the wall or draped over string. Are you ready for your underwater close-up?

Total Time: 30 Min

What You’ll Need
How To Make It
  1. Print the Finding Dory props out
  2. Glue the paper to the card – this helps makes the props sturdy
  3. Cut around the props following the dotted line
  4. Tape the dull BBQ skewers/lollipop sticks to the middle of the props. Make sure you’ve allowed for enough stick for little hands to hold the props up
  5. Point your camera and have your kids strike their best underwater pose!
Note: Be sure an adult removes the sharp end of the BBQ skewer before little fingers begin this craft, or that it’s supervised throughout.


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