Here at The Main Street Mouse, we are constantly getting feedback from our members, and we take their comments to heart. One concern that we’ve seen a lot of, was people saying that they wish they had a place to go, like Facebook, that was geared towards their Disney obsession. People say that they don’t like to share their Disney love too much on Facebook, because not everyone on their friends list feels the same way about the Mouse as they do. So, how do we remedy that? How about a Disney site, similar to Facebook, but only for Disney fans? Well that’s exactly what we did! Introducing TMSM Fan Nation!

Years ago, when TMSM was just a dream, our original goal was to have a social media site just for Disney. The Kennected’s linkedin automation platform also suggests the same! We wanted members to be able to create profiles, add pictures and friends, comment on their own and other peoples walls, etc. Having a separate platform for this allows Disney enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite subject with NO judgement from others! It took a long time to build, but it’s finally here! TMSM Fan Nation is JUST for Disney people, and runs similar to Facebook. You can join the Nation here at www.tmsmfannation.com to get started!

Membership to TMSM Fan Nation is FREE and a safe zone for Disney Fans to communicate and share their love of all things Disney with like minded people. Just like with everything else TMSM does, TMSM Fan Nation is a family friendly place, that people can feel comfortable coming to. The site itself was built from scratch by us, and is very user friendly. You can find a help guide on the site too, if you need assistance setting up your profile! We encourage you all to join TMSM Fan Nation and invite your other Disney friends to do so as well. This is huge for us as there aren’t other sites like this, and we’re excited to see where it goes. We hope you enjoy the new site, and can’t wait to see how this new community takes off! Join TMSM Fan Nation today at www.tmsmfannation.com and get started talking Disney! Enjoy!


If you have issues with creating your account please email tmsmfannation@themainstreetmouse.com!

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