Going to Walt Disney World: Told Through Disney GIFs

Guest blog from Danielle Rennicks

I’ve been a Disney-phile/Disney maniac/Disney freak for basically my whole life. I can quote many Disney movies, and I will go to the movie theater multiple times until a movie comes out on DVD. One of my favorite places in the whole entire universe is Walt Disney World. There’s nothing like it. To me and many others, it honestly feels like home. The moment you walk into the Magic Kingdom, you can literally feel warmth and happiness spread through you, almost like a fairy has dusted you with pixie dust. I thought I’d share with you what it really feels like to go to Walt Disney World, as told through Disney GIFs.

1. When you walk onto Main Street, U.S.A. and feel like you’re home.

Peter Pan

Walking into the Magic Kingdom and looking down Main Street, U.S.A. is an amazing feeling. The ambiance, the smell of the candy shop that’s so sweet it’ll give you a toothache, the laughing and smiling of the people around you…there’s nothing else like it.

2. When the Dapper Dans sing ever.

Dapper Dans

The Dapper Dans are Disney’s resident barbershop quartet. Stopping and listening to them is always so worth it. They sing classics, and even Frozen songs!

3. When the line for your favorite ride is only five minutes long.

Inside Out

There was one trip that my family took where we went on Splash Mountain three times in a row because there was no line for the ride.

4. When you’re at the front of the line to meet your favorite character.


Getting to meet your favorite character is always extremely exciting. Being at the front of the line, then being able to walk up to them and actually speak to them always makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

5. When you eat a Dole Whip or Mickey shaped snack.


Let’s be real, Disney shaped snacks are adorable. Mickey ice-cream, Mickey rice crispy treats, you name it, they have it. And they’re delicious. And Dole Whips—Dole Whips are God’s gift to man. They have tons of flavor and are a great snack to cool off with on a hot day.

6. When watching the fireworks, you tear up just a little bit…OK, maybe a lot.


Whenever I watch the fireworks, I cry. It never fails. When I’m there in person, and even watching on a live stream, I will most certainly cry.

7. When you go to your favorite park.

Mickey and Minnie

My favorite park is Magic Kingdom. No, it’s Hollywood Studios. Wait, no, it’s Animal Kingdom. No—Epcot! OK, well, they’re all my favorite. 

8. When people try and cut you in line…uh, how about no?


Sometimes people will try and cut you in line…really? We all have to wait in the same line for however many minutes or hours. Is it really worth it?

9. When you’re waiting for Tower of Terror, and you can’t tell if you’re nervous or excited.


I didn’t get the nerve to go on the Tower of Terror until I was 18. My sister went on when she was 6. Whenever I’m waiting in line for the ride, I can never tell if I’m nervous or excited…

10. When you get the fastpasses you want.

Snow White

Fastpasses are a wonderful creation. Instead of waiting in line for forever, you get to use your fastpass and head towards the front. Getting the ones you want is hard, however, so when you can pick the ones you want, it makes you want to clap like Snow White.

11. When you leave Walt Disney World and have to go home.


Leaving Disney World is one of the hardest things to do. You’ve just had a magical trip in the most magical place on Earth…so why do you have to leave?! But just remember that you will go back again someday!

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