TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Cast Member Magic!

TMSM's Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Cast Member Magic! 1


This weeks feel good story with a Disney twist was sent in by Main Streeter, Amy Butts. Amy told us about a magical Disney experience she and her family had, courtesy of some awesome Cast Members. Here’s what she had to say!

This is why I love Disney. My son, Zane is 4 years old and not sure if he likes characters or not. He didn’t want to take pictures with Anna and Elsa, so he went and sat in the corner while his 3 year old sister, Zooey ran up to them. Elsa saw him in the corner and came over, got down on his level, and started talking to him and giving him fist bumps and high fives. Anna and Zooey came over too and got under Elsa’s cloak to “hide” from them. It was wonderful. I had tears in my eyes at the extraordinary care and love these ladies gave to my children. You don’t get that anywhere else. ~ Amy

Disney Cast Members always go above and beyond, to make sure guests have a magical time, and we thank them for it. They’re the best! If you have a Disney Act of Kindness, please write in and let us know! Your story could be featured in a future blog. Until next time, sending you love, blessings and pixie dust! Be sure to show kindness every single day, you never know who needs it! ~M

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2 Responses to TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Cast Member Magic!

  1. Maleficent1 says:

    Agreed! My daughter loved finding Baymax last week, but was afraid to hug him (for fear of popping him). 3 cast members, Baymax, and the photographer would not let her leave until she hugged him. It was very nice of them to go above and beyond (especially after we witnessed less than kind disney visitors being rude). 2 days later we were in Epcot, again. We were next in line for Frozen, when it broke down. After waiting another 40 minutes, my 6 year old had to go to the bathroom. As we were leaving a cast member asked if we were coming back. We said we would like to. The next thing we know we had an escort to and from the bathroom. We got back just in time to board the repaired ride. Later that day my daughter was overheard asking if she could throw her garbage away. A cast member watched as she recycled and emptied her trash. As we entered our next ride, we were escorted to the fast pass line. We were told it was because she was caught taking good care of the park and earth. This made her day.

  2. Erin Stack says:

    Our only stroller broke on our first day in the parks. The resort noticed and sent a engineer up to our room and he fixed it in less than an hour. We were very thankful since our kids were 5, 2, and 7 months at the time. They saved us from spending lots of money on renting strollers in the park!

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