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June 27, 2016

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The goal of this blog series is to factually prove or disprove rumors, myths and misconceptions in the Disney-verse. Recently one of this year’s Disney related April Fool’s Day jokes has reared it’s pretty little head causing great confusion and anger, so we wanted to take a moment to readdress the topic in hopes you the readers will share this information with those who have been mislead.

Inked And Banned?

Rarely do you see non Disney websites using Disney as the topic of their April Fool’s jokes. This year though the tattoo related blog “Inked Mag” got the Disney-verse good with their April 1st gag. To say the Disney-verse was knee jerk reacting to Inked’s article would be a huge understatement. People were flipping out in Facebook groups, sharing the article every where and even attacking the Disney Parks on their Facebook pages for the “alleged” ban.


Article Exert: Disney Bans Tattoos in Theme Parks ~ 04/01/16  By Rocky Rakovic
Announced today, Disney theme parks, including Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, are banning admittance to anyone with visible tattoos.

Per The Walt Disney Company’s spokesperson for Consumer Relations-Theme Parks Division, April Engañar: “We don’t think that tattoos fit into the image of a wholesome Disney family. For years we have received complaints from concerned parents saying that they didn’t want their children to be subjected to tattoos so this decision has been a longtime coming. We still value tattooed customers, we just want them to cover up before experiencing the Happiest Place on Earth.”
Needless to say once this article was release it became very obvious people were responding to the preview image before reading the actual article.  Had they have read  the article, the cleverly added “gotcha” would have been seen.
“Sadly, the parks are also removing seven of the pirates from their popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride because they have tattoos. “This is a zero tolerance policy beginning today, April 1st,” Engañar said. “Not even Johnny Depp will be allowed into our parks with short sleeves.”
As you can see they clearly point out that the date of publishing was April First, and even went as far as announcing animatronics would be pulled, which was never noted in the article prior to the article’s conclusion, it was only noted humans with tattoos would be effected. Also as a friend who is fluent in Spanish pointed out to me the person interviewed in the article is named April Engañar, engañar in Spanish means “to trick” meaning the person interviewed was named “April To Trick” or “April Trick” so Inked actually double clued in those who read the article.
NOW  just because Inked “gotcha” does NOT mean that Disney doesn’t have rules regarding employees and tattoos, or guests and tattoos for that matter. All guests are able to visit the parks “Resort Park Rules” websites, where they will see that Disney does have the right to refuse entry to people with certain tattoos as the park rules note that “Visible tattoos that could be considered inappropriate, such as those containing objectionable language or designs, are not permitted.” These rules have been on file for as long as I can remember and have always been clearly displayed online and at the parks in their guideline information.

TatRulesPark Guests are not the only ones who fall under some sort of rules and regulations when it comes to tattoos at Disney. Cast Members also have restrictions on tattoos, which is not uncommon in many business dress codes. Cast Members must adhere to a policy referred to as “The Disney Look”, and per the website this is how they address tattoos:
“The Disney Look includes but is not limited to, the following requirements: Male and Female- Body Alteration- Intentional body alteration or modification for the purpose of achieving a visible, physical effect that disfigures, deforms or similarly detracts from a professional image is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: visible tattoos, brands, body piercing (other than traditional ear piercing for women), tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing, earlobe expansion and disfiguring skin implants. Tattoos must be discreetly and completely covered at all times. Jewelry, spacers, retainers, or plugs are not permitted in any body piercing, including non-visible piercings, while working.”

So while we all know this myth is busted, hopefully we have all learned a little bit about Disney’s existing rules regarding tattoos for guests and CMs!

TMSM Mythbusters Busted

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