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If you were following along on social media yesterday, then you know that Frozen Ever After finally opened at Epcot in Norway at World Showcase.  We assumed that things would be crazy over there, but we had FastPasses so I wasn’t as worried.  When we arrived at Epcot, we headed straight back to Norway, and the scene was quite something.  I grabbed my phone and did a live feed on our TMSM Facebook page, so I could show people what was going on.  The stand by line was all the way to China (the next country over) and the wait was 5 hours.  Yes, 5 hours.  It was hot outside, and Disney was prepared to help the crowd out.  Cast Members were giving away water and ice cream bars, since the sun was blaring, that was a nice touch.

When it was almost time for our FastPass, we got in line early because the FP line was even long.  We got all the way to inside the building, and the ride broke down. This was the second time that had happened, but we were determined to wait it out.  While inside, we got to check out the queue, and at least stay cool.  Cast Members eventually passed out popcorn and chips to guests waiting inside, also nice of them, because the ride was down a long time.  I’d say we were waiting in the FastPass line for two hours, but again, the ride was down for part of it.  When it was finally our turn, I was excited.  I like to see new things at Disney, and I knew a lot of people were counting on me to get footage.  The ride itself was really cute. It’s basically the same ride path as Maelstrom was, just with Frozen characters. The audio-animatronics were outstanding, truly.  Even better than the Dwarfs over at the Mine Train in my opinion.  You get to see your favorite Frozen characters come to life, and it’s a good thing.  When the ride was over, I was happy with it, but I lost my good sunglasses on the boat, that was the only bad part of the day.

All in all, Frozen Ever After is worth checking out, it’s a cute ride.  Is it worth waiting 5 hours? I’d have to say no to that.  Eventually the hype will die down a bit and the wait times will decrease.  We made another FastPass to ride again, but couldn’t get one till towards the end of July! It’s going to be busy for awhile.  I thank you for following along with us yesterday, and a huge thank you to the Main Streeters who stopped me to say hello!  If you missed our ride through video, you can catch it on the link below! Thanks again so much, it’s appreciated! ~M

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