As you all know, yesterday a complete and total tragedy hit the Orlando area, with a terror attack on the Pulse night club, where 50 people lost their lives, and over 50 people were injured. The Orlando area has banded together to offer prayers, love, support and help for those who were effected by this senseless act. As soon as I heard what happened, one of my first thoughts was, “what can I do?” The Disney community in this area is pretty close, and I knew this was going to be something that would be very hard on so many. All I could do was offer a post of prayer and support… but someone asked me, “what does this have to do with Disney?” Why should TMSM care or offer our support? Here’s why….

Orlando is a huge tourist area, but the locals and folks that work in the entertainment industry have quite a comradery. I knew that this was going to be rough on our community. We heard that some Disney Cast Members were there that evening as well, but regardless, people started to come together and show support. (Today we are hearing that some theme park workers were indeed victims, prayers to their families). Did I personally know anyone at the night club on Saturday? Not that I’m aware but to me, it doesn’t matter. What happened is tragic, not far from where I live, and it broke my heart to hear about it. So, yes, TMSM cares. Yes, I think this should be another reminder that sadly, we can’t be too careful, even at Disney or any other place where large groups come together. Another person asked my opinion about Disney security, as this question always comes up when the nation is on heightened alert. Orlando is under a state of emergency right now, and security is tight everywhere. Disney does indeed have bag checks and randomly pulls guests through the metal detectors. I’ve been randomly selected many times, and I never mind because I know they do it for our safety. Is it enough though? That I’m not sure. Just up the freeway at Universal Orlando, they make EVERY single person walk through a metal detector before even approaching CityWalk or the park entrances. It doesn’t take long, and it’s not a bad thing. A report came out today that the shooter did indeed scout out Disney as a possible target. Disney Springs mainly, because there are no metal detectors there. Can you imagine? In our messed up society, as sad as it is, extra types of security measures are necessary. How sad is it that people can’t even go out for a fun evening without having to worry that something horrendous could happen? It’s just not right.

I fully believe that in times like this, it’s so important to offer people our love and support. We have made so many friends through TMSM, and we’re all one big Ohana. When some of us hurt, we ALL do. This community needs to be united, not divided. As I said yesterday on Facebook, we will do what we can to help put out information or anything that is needed, so please let us know. Terrorists want to insight fear, but together, we can rise above and become stronger. They only win if we let them. Again, my dear Disney family, we come together in support, prayer and love for everyone who is hurting or lost someone this past weekend in Orlando. God bless you all. ~M


Thank you, Cast Members on Main Street, for the above photo!

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