TMSM Mythbusters: Character Dining Credit Increases

June 6, 2016

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The goal of this blog series is to factually prove or disprove rumors, myths and mythconceptions in the Disney-verse.  This week’s TMSM Mythbusters we want to delve into the mythconception that has raised it’s head a lot recently in Disney forums.Tonight we want to tackle a myth that started going around the Disney-verse this weekend regarding character dining at Walt Disney World.

Table Credit Increase

I am just going to start this myth off as saying right off the bat, the following is a busted myth, and the perfect example as to why blogs should research before going to press, as well as why blogs should never take forum posts as being “news sources”. This weekend someone posted on a Disney based forum that “select Disney character meals would be 2 table services effectively immediately.” Of course instead of calling Disney and confirming this information directly reps from other sites went racing around the internet spreading this forum post as fact so that they could benefit from the click bait effect. A quick phone call to Disney Dining, which also contained some great hold music, and fifteen minutes of my time, I was able to get the truth, which I will now share with you.

Now there is a bit of truth to what was published. Due to a glitch in the dining system character meal credits at Chef Mickey’s WERE showing as one credit for lunch and two credits for dinner; Akershus and Tusker House list two credits for both lunch and dinner.  Disney booking agents were advised this weekend of the glitch and were telling concerned guests that those three 2016 character dining locations were not going to have their table credits effected.This glitch has since been corrected online as well (even though click baiters want you to think otherwise.)


As for 2017 dining prices and table credit information, currently guests can’t book 2017 dining until at least July and Disney’s official Dining team is very quick to clarify that the 2017 Walt Disney World dining contracts have not yet been finalized and won’t be until November or December and that no one knows pricing for after December until those contracts are complete.These contracts cover the entire calendar year, meaning that a table service can not just “up and double their cost” mid year without violating the contract that Disney, the dining location and Disney’s dining CM’s have agreed to. Doing that would be a big mess as many of Disney’s dining CM’s are union workers. This means that come fall as guests start looking at the Dining Plan information a location that has always accepted dining plan may show as not taking it. This doesn’t mean the location won’t be accepting dining plan in 2017, just that the information that has to be agreed upon and confirmed before it is put online is still being worked out.

As for the other part of the myth of “impending price increases” come October, this is slightly true. Disney does increase the cost of meals during prime seasons. They also offer special dining options like the new Jungle Book dining at Tusker House which costs $59.99 per adult, and the yet to be confirmed information for the Candlelight Processional meals that will be offered at EPCOT (*cough Akershus, are you seeing a pattern cough*) will cost a bit more than standard EPCOT dining as all Processional dining tends to cost two table credits.

So please, while we know this myth is in fact busted, remember when you see an extreme change in Disney’s Dining system (or any other system for that matter) that has not directly been confirmed by Disney, take a few moments to call Disney directly and ask about the issue before you share misleading forum gossip. Because until Disney directly confirms something it really isn’t worth getting worked up over.

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