On Thursday night, we launched a new social media site, TMSM Fan Nation, and the response has been great! What exactly IS this new site all about you ask? Well, picture a Facebook type setting, but exclusively for Disney Fans! Can you imagine if Facebook was all Disney, all the time? Would you like to share Disney pics and stories without fear of judgement by your non-Disney loving pals? How about a place to talk Disney with like minded friends, all day, every day? That my dear Main Streeters, is what TMSM Fan Nation is all about!

When you join TMSM Fan Nation at www.tmsmfannation.com, you will have the ability to do the following~

~Create a personal profile with photos, interests, etc.
~Write on your wall so others can see what you’re up to!
~Add friends to your list!
~Join various Disney groups based on your topic of interest.
~Chat and get advice in our variety of Disney forums.
~Make new friends who have the same love of Disney as you do!
~Stay current on the latest and greatest of all things Disney!

TMSM Fan Nation is mobile friendly, and if you bookmark it on your phone, you are just a tab away from joining the fun when you’re on the go. The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been all positive, and we’d love to see this new community grow! Membership is free, so head on over and join us today at www.tmsmfannaion.com! Tell your Disney friends to join too, we’d love to have them there!

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