TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Birthday Time

It’s Wednesday Main Streeters! Time for our weekly check in with Adventures in Florida Living! The school year is winding down, and it’s birthday time for the boys in my life! Lets chat!

Last Wednesday my little bug, Aidan, had a birthday. This child starts counting down to his birthday as soon as Christmas is over, he cracks me up. He couldn’t sleep the night before, just like, again, Christmas or the night before a vacation. So his day came, and what did he want to do? Go shopping and to Cracker Barrel! How easy is that? After dinner, I wasn’t feeling great so we headed home, but I didn’t want him to not have a cake. We came home and I made him a big plate of chocolate chip brownies. I HAD to make sure he got to blow out a candle and make a birthday wish, even though he wasn’t insisting….. it’s a mom thing I guess. Brownies made… ready for that wish….. and I couldn’t find any birthday candles. In a pinch I grabbed a jar candle, stuck it in the brownies, and we sang him Happy Birthday! Hey, desperate times cause for desperate measures. He thought it was the funniest thing, and said it was a great ending to his day!


This coming weekend, my older son is celebrating his birthday. What does he want to do? Shopping and eating as well. You know what’s funny to me? Here we are, living in the fun capital of the world, and for their birthdays they want to go shopping! How about birthday buttons and Disney celebrations boys? Maybe I’m the big kid here, because I love to go to Disney for MY birthday. Maybe I can get them into a park and slap a button on their shirts, but we shall see. It’s hard having family across the country when special occasions come up. When we lived in Michigan, we’d always have birthday dinners with cake and ice cream with the family (my parents, etc). Always. I miss that, among other things. Making the boys feel special is still so important to me, and I think they know that. I fuss over them but it’s my job and I don’t mind doing it.


I’ve had a lot of time to think lately. That happens when you’re a little under the weather. The realization that we’re coming up on our two year Florida anniversary hit me. Two years, wow. People have asked me if it’s still hard to be away from home, and I can’t lie, it is. There are times when I consider leaving the land of Mickey Mouse and palm trees and head back north. A lot lately. You may be surprised to know, it’s my sons that stop me. They love it here. Not just because of Disney, but everything. They are more relaxed here, they like their schools, my younger son has less problems with his asthma here, they just like Florida better than Michigan as a whole. They miss our family, but that’s the only thing they miss. Knowing that makes me feel a little more confident in being comfortable with our move. As it gets closer to our Florida anniversary, I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that.

So, that’s it for this weeks update…. Thanks for keeping up with me and my family each week the way that you do, it’s very much appreciated! Until next week, wishing you lots of hugs, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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