Today In Disney History ~ May 31st

Today In Disney History ~ May 31st


TMSM covered the story of Buzz in space in our article “TMSM Mythbusters: Buzz in Space and Air Force Lightyear.” In the article it was explained that “In 2008 NASA and Disney/Pixar teamed up to send a Buzz toy into space. Buzz almost didn’t go up on the shuttle though. It seems when it was almost time to launch Disney couldn’t find a Buzz Lightyear to send to NASA . Due to this shortage, the Disney executive in charge of the project brought in his son’s personal Buzz Lightyear toy to NASA. Just because Buzz was already a famous Star Command member when his services were loaned to NASA didn’t exclude him from pre-flight training and preparations. Prior to flight he had his electronics removed and his battery pack sealed for his own safety, and then he was off to train with Buzz Aldrin!”

TMSM Today in Graphic by Sherry Rinaldi DeHart

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