It’s no secret I love to shop. Some people like to do other activities in their free time like play golf, go dancing (which I also love), see a movie, go fishing, etc…. but me, I’ll always suggest that we go shopping for some extra fun. Although this is a good time, it can also be a dangerous time, especially at Disney. When you have a budget you have to pick and choose, and I’ve learned to do that, but then Disney goes ahead and opens the new Town Center area at Disney Springs. The first thing I said when I saw it? “Oh man am I in trouble!”

The problem with Disney, is that they have so many awesome things to purchase, but it’s not cheap and one could go broke pretty quickly if you’re not careful. I love the clothes and such at Tren-D at the Marketplace, not to mention the fun souvenirs at places like Mouse Gear at Epcot or the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom. So, throw Town Center in the mix….. my goodness. Some people have stated that they don’t like the idea of the new Town Center because it’s not “Disney” enough. No, it’s not all Disney-fied, but the stores DO carry some Disney themed merchandise… but it will cost you. For example, the Kate Spade store has limited edition Minnie Mouse themed items, but they are pricey. Speaking of pricey, you can get a custom Disney themed glittery pair of boots at the new Ugg Austrailia store, but their price tag is around $400.00. Ouch. So what’s a girl to do, when you want to shop at the good stores but have to watch what you spend? I’m still trying to figure that out. What are you doing to me Disney?

So if shopping is your thing, and you haven’t seen the new stores and such yet at Walt Disney World, you may want to plan accordingly. Disney gets new Park merchandise in all the time, and now with the fabulous new stores added to Disney Springs, it gets hard to choose what you’d like to purchase to remember your trip. Keep in mind, while at Disney Springs, you can use your Annual Pass discount at the Marketplace and West Side, but not in the new Town Center area that I know of. At least that’s what I was told when I was there, and every little bit of savings counts. Also, you can preview some of the items from the new stores online before you visit, so you can try to narrow down what you’d like to buy. I know the Kate Spade items are online to view, so is the Minnie Mouse line at Sephora and Ugg. If you thought Disney was “shopping heaven” before.. like the old saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” You can take a peek at the Town Center area on the video below, if you haven’t already. It’s amazing! Be sure to follow along on our Instagram account too, as I’m always snapping pics of new merchandise that I see! Thanks and happy shopping!

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