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May 19, 2016

Today’s Guest Blog is courtesy of TMSM Member, John Leever!

Several years ago while watching TV and surfing the channels, I came across a program that was about Fans and how some go to extremes. I thought it sounded interesting and decided to watch it. The show started and the first fans were Star Trek fans. There was a young couple in their house dressed in Star Trek uniforms. They had Star Trek memorabilia all over their house. It was everywhere. And I thought to myself that is kind of taking things too far and turned off the program. I could not believe that people would be so into something that it would take over their lives.

As I tried to find another program to watch I couldn’t help but think about what I had seen and I thought to myself that I am not that way. Then I turned my head and thought about the towels I had in the bathroom, they are white with Mickey profiles in black. But that was only one thing. Well, there was the Mickey rug in the bathroom, and the Tinkerbell suctioned to the bathroom mirror. That was not much of course, there was the blue room, or what I called the blue room. When I wanted to repaint the room that was my office. I went to Home Depot to get the paint. The colors I choose were Star Command Blue and for the trim Cinderella ball gown blue. Still that was not too bad, if that was all there was, but it wasn’t.


I realized that Disney was in the House, and it was all over place. In the kitchen I have Disney place mats and a holder for straws that was also Disney. In the cupboard, there was a collection of Disney souvenir mugs. In the dining room hutch there are 3 mugs from Cinderella’s Royal Table, a picture on the wall of Snow White on the stairs of the castle the Evil Queen looks at her from the castle window the prince sitting on the outer wall of the castle, on another wall there are two artist renditions of the Polynesian resort, and my Disneyland TV snack tables. In the living room my latest acquisition is a painting of Snow White at the wishing well. On the love seat, across the back, is a throw of Cinderella and the Prince in coach on display. On the couch I have a Mickey blanket for when it gets cold, also is a painting of the front of the Magic Kingdom with Mickey and Dumbo and guests with Mickey ears. In the front hall the hutch has a collection of Disney items, Snow White figurine, Walt and Mickey partners’ statue, two metal trays one from Disneyland the other Disney World, a box with Sleeping Beauty scenes. Sorcerer Mickey Lenox figurine, clear plastic light up Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell, and a framed certificate commemorating our Disneyland visit during the 50th anniversary. In one of the bedrooms: is a framed picture of Prince Philip racing to the Castle with the dragon breathing fire while Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather; a Disney Calendar; Disney Clock on the wall; a framed Mickey sketch and pins art.


Then the blue room (my office) there is Disney art work on the wall, Disney pillows, framed collection of pictures of the Mickeys that were on display in Chicago, a book shelf filled with Birnbaum’s annual Disney World Official guides and a couple of Disneyland guides as well as a few other Disney books, a few pocket watches (like 11), a few pins (more than I am willing to count), Disney caps, the leis from the visits to Disney’s Polynesian Resort, a Mickey phone, a tiffany style lamp with Cinderella on it, a Mickey rug, and a few other items.


My collection has grown from the time I watched the TV shows about fans who are extreme and while I still don’t consider myself an extreme fan I may be getting there because which each visit I bring back more. But I can honestly admit to myself and you that there is Disney in the House.

PS. In a previous blog I talked about a game we play where we tell each other Where in Disney we would be if we could be there right now. Me, I would be in the in the Art of Animation shop at Downtown Disney looking for my next acquisition. Where would you be? Why not tell us in the comments?

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