TMSM Mythbusters: Real Life Mickey and Minnie Love & Princess Talk and Sing

May 16, 2016


The goal of this blog series is to factually prove or disprove rumors, myths and misconceptions in the Disney-verse. Tonight with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, we here on TMSM Mythbusters want to tackle at least one Disney love myths and one regular mythconception that shocked me as a child. So tonight we bring you “Real Life Mickey and Minnie Love”  and “Princess Talk and Sing.”

Real Life Mickey and Minnie Love

One of the Disney mythconceptions I read about a few years ago was that the voices of Mickey and Minnie were married in real life. This puzzled me because I knew that the original voice of Mickey AND Minnie were in fact Walt Disney, but we we all know through out the history of these two beloved characters, several voice actors have performed their voices.

2008 Disney Legends Ceremony...BURBANK, CA - OCTOBER 13: (L-R) Disney charactor Minnie Mouse, the voice of Mickey Mouse & Disney Legend Honoree Wayne Allwine, the voice of Minnie Mouse & Disney Legend Honoree (also Mr. Allwine's wife) Russi Taylor and Disney charactor Mickey Mouse attend the 2008 Disney Legends Ceremony at the Walt Disney Studios on October 13, 2008 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

From 1976 until present day the voice of Minnie Mouse has been performed by Russell “Russi” Taylor. Russi has also voiced Huey, Duey and Luey in DuckTales, Clara Cluck in House of Mouse and Daisy Duck in Fantasia 2000. Russi was married to a wonderful Cast Member named Wayne Allwine who passed away in 2009.  Wayne was a sound effects editor and foley artist (which meant he CREATED the sounds we heard in Disney movies using real life items). But, when Wayne wasn’t busy making sure the sound in films like Splash and Innerspace was perfect, from 1977 until his passing Wayne was also the voice of Mickey Mouse.
Yes Main Sreeters, this means this “Month of Love” myth is in fact confirmed, and you must admit it is wonderfully sweet. The two married in1991, meaning that for 18 years Minnie and Mickey were in fact married in real life.

Mythbuster confirmed

Princess Talk and Sing
When I was younger I believed that the same person who created the voice of a Disney Princess also provided the singing voice for that character. It seems I am not the only person who shared that thought process, but the thing is somewhere along the way, I learned that my belief was in fact a mythconception. As a matter of fact, two Disney princesses actually have the same personal providing their musical talents! Can you guess which two before reading the list below that shows what ladies lent their voices to the speaking and singing talents of the Disney Princesses? To keep this from being miles long, we will only be looking into the Official Disney Princess merchandise Princesses, and the girls from Frozen.


Snow White: Snow White ‘s singing and speaking voice were portrayed by Adriana Caselotti.
Cinderella: Cinderella ‘s singing and speaking voice were portrayed by Ilene Woods.
Sleeping Beauty: Aurora’s singing and speaking voice were portrayed by Mary Costa.
The Little Mermaid; Ariel’s singing and speaking voice were portrayed by Jodi Benson.
Beauty and the Beast:  Belle’s singing and speaking voice were portrayed by Paige O’Hara.
Aladdin: Jasmine’s singing voice is portrayed by Lea Salonga, and her speaking voice was portrayed by Linda Larkin.
Pocahontas: Pocahontas’s singing voice was portrayed by Judy Kuhn, and her speaking voice was portrayed by Irene Bedard.
Mulan: Mulan’s singing voice is portrayed by Lea Salonga, and her speaking voice is portrayed by Ming-Na Wen (Agents of Shield).
The Frog Princess: Tiana’s speaking and singing voice are portrayed by  Anika Noni Rose.
Tangled: Rapunzel’s speaking and singing voice are portrayed by Mandy Moore.
Brave: Merida is voiced by Kelly Macdonald, but interestingly the movie breaks Disney Princess traditional and is not a musical.
Frozen: Anna’s speaking and singing voice are both portrayed by Kristen Bell. Elsa’s speaking and singing voice are portrayed by Idina Menzel.

As you can see at least three Disney princesses use the talents of two lovely actresses to help them tell their story,  but the rest only require one lovely actress to help them, making this mythconception plausible!

Mythbuster Plausible

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