As a self admitted shopaholic and fashionista for all things Disney, today was my day. Today, the Town Center area at Disney Springs finally opened…. and it was fabulous. Dangerously fabulous. The new area is on it’s own between the West Side and Marketplace of Disney Springs. I have had people ask me if the staple stores and such were still there, and they indeed are. This is just something new, we didn’t lose our favorites like World of Disney or Tren-D. This area is different than what we’re used to on Disney property though, that’s for sure.


As you’re walking through this amazing new shopping district, you almost feel like you’ve transported to someplace else, someplace fancy….. as general as that sounds. The stores are all higher end, nothing inexpensive or discounted, but then again, it’s Disney. Some of my favorite stores there are Sephora, Alex and Ani, Ugg, MAC, and the new cupcake bakery I told you guys about on Friday, Sprinkles. There are also shops that are still being worked on and aren’t open yet, like Anthropologie and The Trophy Room. The second parking garage, the Lime Garage, is now open as well.


Most people, like myself, are super excited to have this new shopping area available to browse through at Disney. Some however, don’t think that chain stores, especially expensive ones, belong at the Walt Disney World Resort. I can see both sides. One good feature though, is that the stores did have some Disney themed products in them, like the Minnie Mouse lines at Sephora and Kate Spade, so you do still get some Disney magic. They do not sell park merchandise though, and at the couple of stores I asked in, you do not get to use your annual pass discount in the new shops there either.


All in all, bravo Disney for this gorgeous new area at Disney Springs. The buildings are lovely, the crystal blue waters all around are exceptional, and it really does make for quite a pleasant shopping experience. To see a video walk through, please check out the footage below from our morning. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we’ll have more videos coming soon! Thanks for watching and reading, happy shopping!

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