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You’ve probably asked yourself what takes a casual Frozen viewer and turns them into a full-fledged, Frozen-obsessed individual. While we aren’t sure of the science behind it (probably because it’s magic), we can tell you that if you are guilty of any of the below, you are most definitely a Frozen fan:

1. You’re incapable of saying “okay, bye” without breaking into song.


You don’t even do this on purpose. It’s a reaction that your body has that is completely out of your control. You’ve accepted it.

2. Your dream guy has morphed into Kristoff.


He’s adorable, smart, has a great work ethic, and will take a lady home to meet his family. We’re smitten.

3. You aspire to be a combination of Anna and Elsa.


4. You have a different favorite Frozen song every day.


We’re in a “Frozen Heart” mood today.

5. Your life goals include doing the robot while on a clock tower.


To clarify, we’d prefer to do this with a man who isn’t secretly plotting to murder our sister.

6. You laugh when people brag that they’ve seen Frozen “ten times.”


Ten times? That’s cute. You’ve seen it over a hundred. You’ve stopped counting. It has become a part of you.

7. You’ve seriously thought about moving to an ice palace.


You’d save money on refrigeration and have access to french doors for dramatic exits.

8. You’ve started talking in “reindeer” to your pets.


You know, Sven-style. We didn’t have to explain this one to you.

9. You know the dates of (and celebrate) Anna and Elsa’s birthdays


Anna’s is the summer solstice and Elsa’s is the winter solstice. Duh.

10. Your feeling about Hans are complicated.


He’s so dreamy. He has such a great singing voice. But then there’s the whole attempted regicide. We can’t totally hate Hans though. (Bonus points if you knew his horse was named Citron!)

11. You say “hoo-hoo” in regular conversation and don’t think it’s at all unusual.


Not only this, but friends answer you with a reciprocal “hoo-hoo” of their own. You could have full conversations that only include tonal variations of “hoo-hoo.” This is a point of pride for you.

What are some other things that Frozen fans do? Tell us in the comments!

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