Back in 2013, my husband and then 3-year-old daughter and 15-month-old son took our first family trip to Disney World. The planning took months – ADRS, test Magic Bands at Poly, dining plans, package discounts, etc. I loved every minute of it. All the planning lead up to what I was sure would be the most fantastic 8 days of our lives!! And, it was, with the only BIG exception…as it turns out, my husband is not such a fan of the parks, and my son at that time didn’t have the temperament for such an experience.  (Not that there aren’t 15-month-olds that wouldn’t enjoy it, mine just didn’t for the most part!) In short, my daughter and I had a blast while my husband and son spent most of the time back at the resort eating pork nachos.

Me and My Buddy, Luke
Me and My Buddy, Luke

After that, guess what – we tried AGAIN in 2014. This time, off-site with my best friend’s family and my mom in tow.  There were ten of us all together. We thought that, with the kids a year older, more adults to help out, and less scheduled park time for my husband, it would be much better this time. Turns out, my husband still disliked put it mildly. And to top it off, I was miserable half of the time because I was so worried about how to make him enjoy our time and have the “perfect” family vacation at Disney together.  We had a lot of discussion about it. And, don’t be a hater on my husband.  I mean, he did give it another shot. He does like vacations. What he doesn’t like is crowds, kids out of their element and off schedule, waiting in line. I get it. He doesn’t hate Disney, he just doesn’t like Disney World.

My Mom, Pam, and Grace
My Mom, Pam, and Grace

It took me some time to get to this point, but after lots of discussion – you know what, it’s ok! AND, you know what makes it even better, my MOM. She LOVES going to Disney with us. She had so much fun in October 2014 that we went again together again – just me, my mom, and two kids – in May 2015. It was amazing. I love that my kids are getting to spend this time with their grandma. I love that I am getting to spend this time with my Mom. She loves it. It’s just a love fest. Plus, my husband gets some days at home just to chill. So, he’s getting his own vacation in a way, too. I realize not everyone is in this position or as lucky as we are to have a grandparent that is able to come along. It’s something I really treasure. As a bonus – my Dad likes to go, too. Double vacations for us (my parents are divorced)!! We are also able to take separate family vacation to locations we all enjoy. So, we still have quality family vacations – just without the mouse. Once again, lucky. But, my point is that, once I accepted that it really was better for all of us and that it’s much more enjoyable to go with others that have the same appreciation, I enjoyed it more, too. I am also lucky that my husband does still encourage us to go and realizes how much I value that time with our kids. Maybe we will try again some day for that perfect trip, maybe we won’t, but for now – it works for us and I am just thankful to be able to have these memories with my babies!! The looks on their faces when they meet a character, see the fireworks, experience a new show or the thrill of a roller coaster for the first time because they are finally tall enough(!) – it’s all magic to me and being able to focus on that is the best part of all.

obligatory castle pic...(My son really was excited, just not for a picture...)
obligatory castle pic…(My son really was excited, just not for a picture…)
2 thoughts on “Why It’s OK That My Husband Doesn’t Like Disney World – No, Really! By Sara Morris”
  1. My husband is not a Disney guy & do to mobility issues does not like to go. So in the summer months, we take a vacation he likes, and I go with my sister for a girls week in November! My boys are grown and they like to go when work permits!! I go every year! I even go when my sister can’t!

  2. My husband doesnt hate Disney, but he does not love it like my daughter and I do and is happy only going every three years or so. I started taking my daughter on solo trips when she was about 9 and now its a tradition to take a mother/daughter solo Disney trip every year! This year we are headed to Disneyland for the 60th anniversary 🙂

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