It’s Thursday, and time for our weekly Random Acts of Kindness (with a Disney twist) blog! This week, we asked Main Streeters for their magical experiences that they’ve had at a Disney Park, and the response was huge! Here are just a few of the acts of kindness that readers sent in, enjoy!

Samantha Stapley~ We went with Make-a-Wish this past September. My daughter wanted to do the BBB and make-a-wish scheduled the appointment. We ended up at the wrong BBB, and I was confused and thought make-a-wish had already paid for the experience. The staff was amazing and let my daughter stay at the BBB, and they took over $100.00 off the cost. I was a sobbing mess by the time we left. It was the most magical thing someone could have done for my daughter.

Annamarie DeSantis~ We went to disney in the beginning of December and a little girl and her mom came up to me and my son in epcot. She whispered to me that she would like to give my son a little present if I was ok with it. I looked at her mom and she just smiled. I said alright and the little girl handed my son a little key chain from china. It was so cute. My son and I both said thank you so much and before I could give my son something to give her in return, she and her mom were gone. Whoever that little girl and her mom were, I would like to thank them again. They are truly wonderful!

Stephanie Ridgdill Matthews~ We were headed to DHS one morning on a very crowded bus. My oldest daughter was 14 at the time and ended up sitting separate from the rest of us. She’s very shy, but I noticed her talking to an older lady (which honestly thrilled me!) When we got off the bus, my daughter told me about her conversation and that, before exiting the bus, the lady gave her a beautiful pair of Mickey earrings as well as a smaller pair for her little sister. Turns out the lady owned a jewelry store. She told my daughter that she was so impressed with her manners and that she rarely encounters young people who still say “Yes ma’am” and “No ma’am.” By the time my daughter told me what happened, the lady had disappeared in the crowd, but I really wish I could’ve thanked her.

Greg Smoot~ Thanksgiving day we were trying to get reservations for Mama Melroses but they couldn’t help us. Then we tried to add FP’s and but our party wasn’t all together and we had trouble linking my dads pass. Well the CM at Guest Services felt bad so she gave us two sets of seven fast passes for MK that were good the whole weekend.

Kathy Revene~ When I was at WDW for a big year birthday in October 2015, we were planning on going to MNSSHP on my actual birthday. We hadn’t purchased tickets prior to the day because they still had them available. We went to DTD to buy them that day only to be told that the party was sold out for that night. We had reservations for BOG that we would be charged for because it was that same day. I was almost in tears at that point. The cast member went out back and got her manager and he came out front, clicked a couple of buttons and bingo, 4 tickets were available. Totally made my birthday perfect!

Peg Edey~ Yesterday at Disneyland for my birthday we went even with rain and had a delightful time and were sitting on the bench on boardwalk in Frontierland just enjoying the view and we thanked 2 young ladies who were sweeping up and they struck up a great conversation with us and then they went and got us a churro for my birthday, just a little bit more magic that has never happened to us before. We also made sure to thank all the other cm’s who were sweeping up water all the time. Their smiles were wonderful after we did.

Giovanna Leone~ When went to Disney for Bella’s first birthday for some weird reason our fast passes to the MK got wiped out of my account…I had fast passed Wishes! So I was bummed that I couldn’t get them again…when we were at MK we were pooped from toting a tot around and tried to just sit on the other side of the fp viewing area. A CM kindly told us we weren’t allowed to sit there. I told her of our dilemma and she saw that we were tired and got us into the fp viewing area. I have a picture of us with her in my pictures. I believe her name was Caroline because we sang that to her after her act of kindness.

Frank Marando~ This is my story of a RAK by my mother who also taught me the joy of Disney at the same time. In the early 70s, our high school played the MK and my mother was the travel agent who put the trip together. There were so many extra ticket books, our family was able to take a summer trip to WDW. We stayed a week and rode every ride over and over again and still had left over ticket books. As we were leaving the MK on our last day, we came across a large family coming into the parks. As my mom talked to them, she found out that had scrimped and barely saved enough for their trip. The joy in their faces when my mother handed them all our extra books was overwhelming and has been with me ever since.

We got SO many responses that I need to make this a multi-part series, so watch for more lovely stories next week! Thank you to all of you who sent in your experiences, it’s appreciated. If you have an act of Disney kindness that you’d like to share, please tell us about it in the comments! Until next week, do something extra for someone, pay someone a compliment, give an extra hug… you never know who may need it! ~M

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