Watto’s Grotto Closed ~ Merchandise is Moving to New Spot


Last weekend, there were many closures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, including one of my favorite stores, Watto’s Grotto. Watto’s Grotto was located in the old Backlot Tour building, and was filled with a huge variety of Star Wars merchandise for the entire family. I headed over there to get one last look around, and asked the Cast Members what was going to happen to all these great products. The good news is, the store is moving!


I was told that the Legends of Hollywood store will be switched over to the new Star Wars store. It’s ironic, because before it was switched to Frozen, this store actually did have Star Wars merchandise, along with Indiana Jones and Pirates souvenirs. I’m not sure when the overhaul is happening, but I’ll be watching and will let you know! So many changes coming to the Studios, it’s going to be quite an adventure, so stay tuned!

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