Happy Wednesday friends!  I hope you all had a safe and happy Easter this past weekend.  We did, and now we’re getting back into the swing of things, so lets catch up on the past week!

Easter weekend I assumed would be a little hard for us, being away from home for another holiday.  I was determined to fill our weekend with activities so the kids wouldn’t feel like we missed out on anything, and I went from there.  Friday night was rainy, and we had friends over to the house.  We don’t get company often, so it’s nice to have that, plus it gives the kids something to look forward to.  We had a fun evening. Nothing like hanging out, talking, and having some pizza and wine.


Saturday, we knew it was going to be hit or miss with the rainy weather down here, but we took our chances and went over to Animal Kingdom. I wanted to see the progress being made on the new Rivers of Light show that’s being put in, and we got to see one of the floats for the production. The kids really enjoy Expedition Everest and Festival of the Lion King, so I thought it was worth a try. My gosh, the parks have been so crowded. Granted, it IS that time of year, but I don’t remember it being this bad last year. We managed to spend a few hours at Animal Kingdom before the rain rolled in. We were in the back of the park when the storm came, so we were completely soaked by the time we got to the car. You just never know with the Florida weather.


Sunday as you know was Easter. In keeping with the “keep busy” theme, we we to the Magic Kingdom in the afternoon. The plan was to catch the Easter parade and Festival of Fantasy, have Easter dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, maybe hit a ride or two then go home. The parade was great, something we hadn’t seen before. I did a live feed of it for our Facebook page, and it was wonderful to share the festive fun with our readers. I love doing that. Dinner at Liberty Tree was really good. We don’t do dinners like that often, but since it was a holiday we made an exception. The boys were excited too, as it is a special treat for us. I went home stuffed from all that yummy food, so it was well worth it. My family back home had Easter brunch at my Aunt’s house, I miss those get together’s, so I needed to put that on the back burner and keep moving. I believe it was a success, we all had a nice day.



Last night, we were getting ready to make dinner, and Scott got a text from our friend and TMSM staffer Corey, with the news that his father had sadly passed away.  Our hearts were broken, and we wanted to help if we could, but we really felt helpless.  Corey and his wife and kids are like family to us, and we were hurting for them.  It’s amazing how sometimes blood doesn’t make you family with people, it’s those in our lives who become close enough and important enough to be included in that group.  We have people that we were lucky enough to meet through TMSM who have become family to us, and it’s truly a beautiful thing.  As for our true family, being down here makes it hard.  When I heard about Corey’s dad, it was a reminder of my own fears. Living so far away from my parents, grandma, brother and sister in law, etc…. one of my worst fears is something happening to one of them and I wasn’t there to help.  Or just BE there.  I love and miss them all so much, so I’m always praying that they are safe and well.  Life is funny, because we never know from day to day what can happen.  I’m to the point that I don’t even predict my days ahead anymore, because things are always changing.  We just have to have faith, and find comfort that things will be alright.  Family is everything, whether they’re biological family or the family we’ve added in our hearts.  There’s enough love to go around either way, and holidays, or certain events, are just a reminder of that.

Well, that’s about it for this week. It’s crunch time for the magazine so our next couple of days will be super busy.  Speaking of, if you haven’t checked out The Main Street Monthly yet, please do! It’s pretty awesome, filled with lots of magical content, and we work hard on it each month!  The new issue will be out at the end of the week!  Once again, we extend our deepest sympathy to our TMSM family member, Corey Tucker and his family, on the loss of his father.  He’s in our prayers for sure.  Until next week, sending you all love, blessings and pixie dust.  See ya real soon! ~M

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