It’s Easter week, can you believe it? Time is flying by, and Spring is truly in the air here in Central Florida. My kiddos had last week off from school, so I wanted to have some fun with them while I had them home. I’m not used to having Spring Break so early, but we made the best of it! Lets catch up!

I had done some scheduling and writing for the site ahead of time so I could be with the boys and not worry as much. Well, I’m never off the clock, but being prepared sure does help. They wanted to go to Universal Studios, being that the last couple of times we’ve gone it was so busy, that we didn’t really go on any rides. Even though the Spring Breakers are here, we actually got to go on a few rides, it was a pretty nice day. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to justify Universal passes, so I wanted to make sure we got to go since the boys love it so much. I did a live feed from Universal for the magazines Facebook page too, which is really fun. Diagon Alley is a must see, so I’m glad I got to share that with our readers!


The next day was St. Patrick’s Day. Back home, they really whoop it up. Tent parties, parades, green beer and drinks, green outfits and flare. Yes, Michigan does it right. Down here? Well, we had Chinese food. Oh, and the Orlando Eye was lit up green for the holiday. Maybe I just don’t know where to go yet? I’m still learning. Seeing the pics of my friends and family back home having fun hurt my heart a little, I sure do miss them. Oh, but the good news is, my parents and my brother and fabulous new sister in law will be here in a few weeks, I truly can’t wait for that. Friday night, I was itching to try another live feed for for TMSM’s Facebook page, so we headed to Hollywood Studios to get some footage for everyone. I was stressing because with the park being so busy, I kept losing my phone signal. When you want so badly to do a good job for your followers, it stings a little bit when you have technical difficulties. We did our best though. I got some good footage of the Launch Bay per member requests, and was able to get the finale of the Symphony in the Stars fireworks. We actually planned ahead and had FastPasses for Toy Story Mania, where as locals, it’s very hard to get usually. Also, that same night, we were lucky enough to meet up with some Main Streeters who were all the way from England. They were so nice, and it is beyond wonderful to know that we’ve reached that far with what we do. We love our friends overseas, and it was nice to finally meet some. A special thank you to Chris and Claire, so great to spend time with you!


Saturday, we had stormy weather, so we stayed home the first part of the day. Once the rain had passed, we took the kids over to the Grand Floridian to see their chocolate Easter egg display. They are beautiful! After getting some footage of the eggs for our members, we went over to the Magic Kingdom for the evening. As some of you know, we got some excellent footage that evening of the Main Street Electrical Parade and Celebrate the Magic. I’m going to touch on that more tomorrow, but the absolute joy that brought me is more than I anticipated. The spot we had for the parade was awesome, and people were happy. Making our Main Streeters happy makes ME happy, it was the best. Ok, enough about that, I’m going to write something up special about the live feeds. Once I was done working, we stayed late and closed the Magic Kingdom. Being there that late is great if you have the stamina for it, because we walked right on the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, no lines. You can also get some beautiful photos when you stay late as well. The Magic Kingdom at night is gorgeous, we had a great time.



Sunday and Monday we just stayed home and got some things done around the house. I had to get ready for the boys to go back to school yesterday morning. Sigh. Spring Break for them went by so fast. I’ve said it before, and some think it’s crazy, but I love having them home with me. They haven’t gotten to the point yet where they want to go off on their own, they still enjoy doing family things, they’re not embarrassed to hang out with Mom. I’m sure I’m on borrowed time there as they’re growing up fast, so I’m going to enjoy it and take advantage of that while I still can. But yes, I miss them when they’re not home. I’m not sure what the coming weekend will hold, but another holiday is upon us, and as you know, our family is miles away. That’s hard, but we’re going to try something different and go out to dinner at Disney for our Easter dinner. We don’t do that often, make reservations for a Disney restaurant, but it’s a special occasion. Plus, I know that soon I will get to see some of my family, and that makes a huge difference too. So that’s it this week, it’s been a busy one. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for keeping up with us each week, and for supporting our efforts like you do. I wish you all a safe, blessed and Happy Easter this Sunday! Until then… take care! See ya real soon! ~M

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