Pinchable or Unpinchable: A St. Patrick’s Day Analysis

March 14, 2016

From our friends at Oh My Disney!!

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, the day of green food and drink, parades, and shamrock pins. To us, it is also known as the day we try so hard to remember to wear green to avoid the shame of getting pinched. In the spirit of this somewhat distressing tradition, let’s see how Disney characters would fare in the world on St. Paddy’s Day:

Jiminy Cricket

Even though his body is green, his clothes are not. It’s a nice three-piece suit, but he’s still pinchable.

Her dress is a dark forest green, but green nonetheless. Unpinchable.

As long as he keeps that grass skirt on, he’s unpinchable.

Same goes for Lilo, and everyone in her hula class.

Mad Hatter
He’s got his bases covered with almost every green in the book. Unpinchable.

Robin Hood and Little John
This is how you do it—remove all doubts. Unpinchable.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
Same thing.

Sleeping Beauty
It’s too bad Fauna didn’t take charge and turn her dress green. Pinchable.

Buzz Lightyear
Not only does he have greens, he also has a protective suit. Good luck trying to pinch this space ranger.

Vanellope Von Schweetz
She’s lingering on the teal side, but we’ll give it to her. Unpinchable.

We know we didn’t cover all the characters (if we did, this post would 50 pages long), so tell us, who do you think is pinchable or unpinchable today?

Source: Oh My Disney!

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