Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s time for our weekly check in, with Adventures in Florida Living! I hope you’re all doing well tonight, and are ready to catch up! Let’s go!

Well, I think “winter” is over with down here. We’ve gone from chilly at night to comfortable, which is a good thing. We have temperatures coming in the mid 80’s to 90 this weekend, and I’m looking forward to that. Back when I was in Michigan, I used to start transitioning my wardrobe around this time of year. I’d be pretty sick of my sweaters and such, and would be trying to find my sun dresses and capri pants, even if it wasn’t time to wear them yet. Down here, it’s similar, but instead of putting away sweaters, I’m trying to go from sleeved shirts to tank tops. Tank top season is almost here, as silly as that sounds! One thing that does NOT change, is the winter weight that accumulates, even in Florida. I’ve been wearing long pants for a few months, and last weekend when I had to break out my shorts I was horrified. Man oh man, what happened? I’m so disappointed with myself truthfully. I lost a lot of weight last fall for my brothers wedding, then November hit, the holidays came and went, and the holiday eating didn’t cease. It’s so hard. So now what? It’s a balance between trying to get back on track vs self acceptance. I wrote about this very subject in the March issue of of TMSMonthly! I know I’m not the only one who struggles! (I’ll link the magazine’s site below)

Last week the Flower and Garden Festival started at Epcot. So down here, Spring has indeed “sprung.” I love the Flower and Garden Fest, it’s a beautiful time to be here in Central Florida. We walked around on opening day to get coverage for the site, and made plans to try and go back over the weekend. Once the weekend hit, we heard about the high crowds at Epcot on Saturday, so we decided to do some shopping instead and wait it out. We walked around the Florida Mall, and what store do we stop in? The Disney Store of course! Ridiculous! We just can’t get enough! It was a decent trip though, I got the new Rapunzel and Pascal Tsum Tsums, even though I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet!


On Sunday, we ended up taking the kids over to Epcot to check out the festival and see some friends. It was a gorgeous day, no clouds in the sky! It seems like we’ve been doing a lot on our own these past few months, so there hasn’t been a lot of visiting per say. My friend Fran is in town this week though, and I knew I would make it a point to go see her. Since starting TMSM six years ago, I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people, and Fran is one of them. She’s one of the sweetest, strongest, most supportive people that anyone could even ask for as a friend. How lucky am I? Very! As an added bonus, when we went to have lunch at Epcot with Fran, our friend Janet was there too. I need to make time to get out more and socialize, I know that. But having friends in town really is a great thing, it helps force me to put work aside and go have some fun. So glad I got to see them on Sunday!



Each week, I feel like I learn things about myself and my personal perspective. I was just saying the other day, I don’t even predict my days anymore, because it seems like something new is always cropping up. I never had that in Michigan. Granted, things were safe and comfortable there, but as for growing and learning, not so much. We never know what we can do when we kick our own butts out of our comfort zone. I know for me, I’m working on trying to be a better person, not just on the outside but on the inside. It’s all about clean slates, being productive and moving forward. I’m a work in progress, but I try daily. Having you all to share with each week is so wonderful, and I truly thank you for caring enough to keep up with our lives here. So that’s it for this go around….. Until next time, I wish you tons of hugs, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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