Big Hero 6 Fans Rejoice! A BH6 Series Is Coming To Disney XD!!!


In 2014 Disney released it’s first full length Marvel Comics animated movie Big Hero 6. While loosely based on the Marvel comic series, the Big Hero 6 movie was a hugely popular movie, earning $222 million in just the United States. Since the movie’s release fans have been hoping for either a cartoon series or a follow up movie. Well Big Hero 6 fans (and all those that have mastered the Ba-la-la-la fist bump) can now rejoice, the wait is over!!! Gary March, president and chief creative officer of the Disney Channels Worldwide, has officially confirmed that  “Big Hero 6; The Series”  is coming to Disney XD in 2017.

Disney didn’t share a lot of details on the upcoming series but they have said it will pick up right where the movie ended.  Meaning the series should follow Hiro and Baymax at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. It also seems the whole Big Hero 6 team of Go-Go, Honey Lemon,Wasabi and Fred will be returning to the series. No word yet of who the protagonist(s) will be, or who  will voice the characters, but as we learn more we will update you!


The new series will be executive produced by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle the creators and executive producers of “Kim Possible.” Bay Max and friends aren’t the only big animate Disney movie stars getting their own television series.  Also coming to the Disney Channel in “2017” is the “Tangled” series which was announced in 2015, and in 2015 “The Lion Guard” a continuation of the “Lion King” movies debuted on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.




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