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It’s Thursday, and time for our weekly feel good blog, Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney spin! This week, I wanted to post some submissions that readers sent in. These nice people were kind enough to share their stories with us, and now I’m sharing with all of you! Here we go!

Renee Kuznik~ I’m leaving Sunday for my trip to Disneyland and will be attending Mickey’s Halloween Party on Wednesday. I went yesterday and purchased glow sticks to hand out to kids that night. I bought 100. I want to pass it forward.

Cindy Soberiski Smith~ On one of our trips many years ago, my son (who is now 26!) saw a shirt in one of the stores at “the Studios”. We told him we’d pick it up at the end of the day on our way out. Wasn’t until we were on the bus leaving that we remembered about it. The next day was our last there, no more days left on our ticket, flying home that night. We went back to the park in the morning hoping that said shirt might be available in the small gift shop outside the entrance. It wasn’t. A CM noticed us and asked if she could help. After explaining, she just smiled and said “wait right here”. Next thing we knew another CM showed up to escort us through the park to the store where the shirt was. A quick purchase and I had one happy boy and we both got to experience some “Disney Magic”!

Shauna Jackson~ On our Disneyland trip this last week, we were at California Adventure. We were waiting for a meet & greet with Sully, but he had to go so we were told to come back at 2 pm. We came back at 2 pm & he was taking pics with the last family. My mom said “darn we missed him again. We were told to come back at 2. I guess he was early.” The Cast Member heard her & turned to us & said to go meet him by the umbrellas near Mad Tea Party & he will have Sully say Goodbye to us. We waited & the cm gave us a few mins with Sully. We got pics & Sully hugged my 2 toddlers. I can’t thank the cast member enough. Then we were waiting for World of Color & a cast member took our fast pass tickets, looked at them & said he had a little bit of pixie dust for us & that our tickets were extra special. We were ushered to the boardwalk where we were right in front with no other people in front of us. It was a very magical day.

Claire Adams~ The last time my hubby and I were at MK we went to Enchanted Tales with Belle. I really wanted a pic with Belle in her golden dress to complete my princess pic collection and we had been told that you could get it there. I was so upset that we didn’t get the photo, but as we left the attraction there was a cast member who asked if we had enjoyed it. I told him how disappointed I was that we couldn’t get the pic and he arranged for us to go straight back on the attraction with no wait and to volunteer as the suits of armour as we would then get our pic together with Belle. We did and got the pic! It was a lovely thing for him to do and made our visit extra special.

Erika Tedesco~ I took my two boys, 2yo and 4yo, to WDW solo and I was amazed at the kindness of strangers. People helped me get my double stroller in and out of the monorail, the train, the security line… rather than be annoyed that we were sometimes slow and unwieldy, guests were gracious and forgiving. Sometimes online we see a lot of people saying, “I hate strollers” or “WDW isn’t for kids” but my trip showed that most patrons are kind and supportive.

Have you had a magical act of kindness while at a Disney destination? If so, be sure to tell us about it, you could be in a future blog! Until next week, be sure to extend an extra kind gesture to someone if you can, you never know who could use the extra pixie dust!

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