Birthday Wishes To TMSM’s Own Michele

February 13, 2016


A team is made up of many people; the players, the coaching staff, even the owner. At the end of the day what makes a team great isn’t if it wins or loses, but how they worked together. Here at team TMSM we have an impressive team that has grown over the years. Team TMS is comprised of regular staff writers for the website like Addie, Tali, Cati and Susanne; our graphics group that also includes people like Troy, Phil, Heather, Sherry, Jessi, Brandon, Catherine, Byron, Diane, Megan, Melissa and Jen; our magazine team of Donna, Greg, Eddison, Eric, Holly and Bill; and of course the “old timers” Corey, Mike, and myself. The thing is this team that is diverse and widespread comes together and plays hard and gets the job done. We have our own style and process, and it works for us, and people seem to love it. But without out fearless leader, this team would have never come together. Today we have come together to honor this awesome lady and wish her a “Happy Birthday”; and because we know you love her as much as we do, and because you are a part of her life, we wanted to share some of those wishes with you too!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best Disney boss a guy could ask for. Michele is not only a kind and caring person; she is also a very good friend. She has a massive amount of fanboys and fangirls wherever she goes. She may act all nonchalant like she doesn’t notice them peering around the corners of a Disney park attraction, but she does, I know she does and she eats it up. The other day I was walking around a history museum looking at a collection of historical relics. These were items that were hundreds of years old, some dating back to the dawn of time, some of them not looking older than a day old. I immediately thought of Michele. She’s getting on up there in the age book but doesn’t look more than 45 or 50 years old. I mean this when I say Happy Birthday Michele, don’t ever let anyone call you old, because if I find out I will hunt them down and I will look them in the eyes with the bifocal glasses that I borrowed from you, and I will beat them with that cane that you use to get around with. But all kidding aside….Happy Birthday for real. I hope you have a great one and THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your journey known as The Main Street Mouse. ~Corey, Team Jokester, Staff Writer and Admin

Happy anniversary of your annual trip around the sun! And also a very big Mickey Mouse hug so you can have a swell birthday. ~Mike, Admin

Michele, you are the rock to my roll, the Minnie to my Mickey.. Oh wait that should be coming from Scott not me, but seriously if it wasn’t because of you and your dream of making Disney this special for not just me and my family but so many other people around the world who knows where we would be, I truly want to wish you a very happy and magical birthday today. And just remember, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” ~Brandon, TMSM Graphics Team Member

image1A simple happy birthday just doesn’t seem like enough. Even though I only met you once, you have made a huge impact in my life and I want to thank you for that. Because you had the strength to follow your dream, you have brought Disney magic to me and thousands of others daily. I hope that you have the most magical birthday ever. Keep following your dreams. ~Sherry, TMSM Graphics Team Member

Michele- I wish you the happiest of happy birthdays! Thank you for letting me be a part of the team. It truly is a dream come true and I owe it all to you! I wish you a birthday full of relaxation, no stress, and lots of love! Thank you for being you and thank you for being my friend. I appreciate you and all that you do! ~ Susanne, Staff Writer

Michele, We hope you have the happiest of birthdays. Thank you so much for bringing us all together to share our love of Disney with the world. Stay Disney, Addie and Cati, Staff Writers for Racing Disney and Mouse to Marquee


Michele Button 3Graphic From Troy, TMSM Graphics Team Member











Happy Birthday Michele! You are a blessing and a ray of sunshine in the life of everyone you encounter! I can’t imagine a world without you and TSMS. I hope you have many more years of bringing joy to the life of others, and I hope those you have touched will continue to bring joy to your life as well! ~Tali, Staff Writer for Racing Disney

Happiest of Birthdays to one of the sweetest souls I know!  It’s no wonder your birthday falls near Valentines Day because you have a such a huge heart and love to make others happy! I hope you have a wonderful day and an especially wonderful year ahead because no one deserves it more than you!  I am so thankful for the circumstances that brought us together.  I am honored to call you “friend”.   Love, Donna, The Main Street Monthly Writing Staff


Graphic From Diane, TMSM Graphics Team Member







I don’t have the words. You are a treasure and an inspiration.  You love with your whole heart and treat everyone like family.  May God bless you and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!   ~Greg, , The Main Street Monthly Writing Staff

bday M, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day full of friends, family, and love. Love you more than cupcakes! Aut

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