For our fellow Tangled fans out there!

From our friends at the Oh My Disney blog

We love Pascal. He’s that silent comic relief that pops up at just the right time. He’s sweet and kind, and he will always, ALWAYS support his friends. In fact, he kind of reminds us of some people that we know in real life. If you identify with the signs on this list, there’s a big chance that you’re probably just like Pascal.

1. You love playing games, and we don’t mean the emotional kind.


Hide and seek is probably your favorite.

2. You always have your friends’ backs.


You are the ultimate protector.

3. You have the BEST reactions.


We could watch your face all day.

4. You look great in pink.


You’re a style trendsetter.

5. You are all about caring for others.


You’re the friend that everyone turns to for support.

6. You’re super creative.


Murals? No problem.

7 .”Intuitive” is your middle name.


You always know what your friends are thinking, and are probably feeling the same way.

8. You adapt to every situation.



9. You’re just one of a kind.


And everyone loves you for it.

What are your favorite things about Pascal? Tell us in the comments!


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