TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Cast Member Magic!


Each week we share a random act of kindness with a Disney twist, and today we have a Cast Member story for you. My friend Michael works at the Magic Kingdom, and is always sure to go the extra mile to share the magic. Here’s a little story that he shared this recently, and I wanted to share it with all of you….

It’s one thing to see a “MAKE A WISH” child… However, when both the QUEEN and I saw a TEEN in her carriage very fragile at the end of our set, we looked at each other and smiled. The QUEEN nodded her head and I held the remaining few minutes we had for the teen Princess. I talked with the father to distract the family for a moment as both the QUEEN and Princess Anna came over to the young Carlie, stricken with CANCER. As the family wheeled her over to get a picture that simply showed “FAMILY is FOREVER”, I pulled out each of my Princess stickers before she left, and then ONE special one, as I filled with tears, and choked up, I handed it to Carlie, I said “I expect you to wear this BIRTHDAY sticker on your NEXT BIRTHDAY!”

Michael has been making magic as a Cast Member for a few years, first in the Emporium and now with the Characters. In each position, he always goes out of his way to do a little something extra for guests who could really use it. Making people feel special is something that MANY Cast Members do each and every day, and they deserve a huge round of applause for that. Hearing Carlie’s story puts so much into perspective, makes me appreciate things more and gives me a reminder to go out of my way for others as well. Any act of kindness that you can extend to someone, even the smallest bit, can make a big difference to someone else. If you have an act of kindness you’d like to share, please be sure to let us know! Until next week, take care, and do something kind for someone else that’s a little unexpected… their smile is a huge reward, you never know whose day you could make! ~Michele

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