TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Friends, Festivities and the Force


Hello Main Streeters! It’s time for our weekly chat! This past week has been a busy one, with having a meet up at the Studios, plus getting ready for Christmas, there hasn’t been much down time. Let’s catch up!

I’d say last Thursday maybe, I had a thought about how quickly Christmas is coming and how much I needed to still get done. Those feelings are a bit overwhelming. Also, with it not feeling like Christmas down here in Florida due to warm weather, it throws me for a loop time wise in that regard too. Christmas is next week, and I’m not ready yet! Not to mention, being so busy, we didn’t get much Christmas time in with Disney either, so I wanted to try and change that. Friday night we finally went to Epcot to see the Christmas decorations and such. I haven’t been over there since October maybe, so I was excited to check out the festivities. Epcot decorates beautifully for the holidays, and we got to see part of the Candlelight Processional too, which of course will put you in the Christmas mood. The holiday ending of Illuminations is also something I really wanted to see again, it’s very touching, and yes, I cry every time. I’m glad we were able to take a few hours out to have some family time. The following day, we had our mini meet up at the Studios, and I was looking forward to that as well. The day went a little crazier than I anticipated though.


So meet up day was here, and we had a lot to do. Autumn was in town, and I wanted to get to the Studios earlier in the day so we could go check out the new Star Wars Launch Bay and such before it was time to meet the group. Getting to Hollywood Studios would prove to be a bigger challenge than I thought it would be. By noon, the Studios had closed their parking lot, and people were being redirected to Epcot to park and take a bus over. I’ve never seen that happen before, not two weeks before Christmas, it was crazy. We parked at Epcot, took a bus to the Studios, and finally we were able to visit with friends and check out the new Star Wars fun. Even though I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan, I was pretty impressed with the Launch Bay. There are a lot of great displays to see, a movie, plus character meet ups. I’d have to give it two thumbs up! I’m looking forward to going back when it’s less crowded and we have more time to really look around. We did get to meet Darth Vader though…. we’ll catch Chewbacca next time!



That evening, it was time to make our way over to the Osborne Lights to meet the group. To say it was crowded would be a huge understatement! I’ve never seen the Streets of America so packed, it was just crazy. Oh, and by this time, the buses were coming from Animal Kingdom to the Studios, as Epcot’s lot was full. I assume because it’s the last year of the beautiful Osborne Lights, that’s why the Studios was such a mad house, but my goodness! I felt bad for those trying to get to us for the meet up, I will fill you in a bit more tomorrow evening. We got to meet some new Main Streeters, as well as see some familiar friendly faces, so all in all it went well despite the crowds. TMSM is pretty lucky to have people care enough to come out and see us at the meet ups we do, and I can’t thank you all enough for that!


Well, that’s it for this weeks Florida Living update. Between now and the time we speak next, I’m sure it will be crazy busy for all of us! The holidays are so much fun, but they sure do wear us out, don’t they? I’m tired already! As always, thank you for keeping up with us each week, and for being part of our extended family. Until next week, sending you hugs, blessings and Disney Magic! See ya real soon! ~M

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  1. We are going to have to have a sign made that lights up so you can stand under it so fans can find you in the crush of people. Also be careful which Star Wars characters you meet. I seem to remember one who was in a few of your photos from way back when. LOL!

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