Skechers Ask You To Choose The First Order Or Rebellion

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Like most people, I’m so excited about the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Everywhere you turn, there is licensed merchandise for so many different products.  Yesterday, I received a email about Skechers that they now have their merchandise with a Star Wars theme.

Of course upon receiving the email, I quickly went to the Skechers website to see what shoes they had and if any were in men’s sizes.  To my surprise, they did have two different shoes in men’s sizes, up to a 13.  Sadly, I wear a 14 so no new Star Wars shoes for me, but I wanted to share them with you.

52400_CCBK 52404_BKRY

I think both pairs are great, again I was more in shock they had them in men’s sizes.  They do have another 25 pairs for boys available.  I was shocked there was nothing for girls, with the characters such as Leia, Rey and Captain Phasma, there should have been a style available.

Some of my favorite ones include the Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren inspired, as well as the rest of the Empire/First Order shoes.  I will say, they do have some great shoes for the good guys also, from R2-D2 to pair that features the X-Wing and Falcon.  Here are some of the different styles available:

97009_WBK 97014_BLU 97018_GRN 97020_RYL 97021_NVOR 97027_CHTP 97043_BKRD97038_BKMT

There are a lot more designs to see, visit the Skechers site at:

Some of these are available in stores in the event you need them for Christmas or you can place your order online using the above link.  Which ones are your favorite?


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  1. TMSM Avenger I would contact them about making them in a size 14 I bet if they did they would sell out so fast it would make their head spin. I say start with 500 pairs divided between the two designs. My son wears a size 14 x wide Who’s to say they are not Star Wars fans too.

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