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Over the past few months, our friends at the Disney Store have been releasing limited edition tees and posters inspired by the posters of various destinations that you see when exiting the classic Star Tours attraction (places any Star Wars fan would know, like Tatooine and Yavin). And we are here to exclusively debut the final tee and poster, this time based on the original (amazing) attraction poster. We’re also exclusively announcing that all of the previous tees will be coming back for a limited time. That’s right: for one week, starting this Friday, the six previously released tees and posters (plus a brand new tee and poster), will become available. As Yoda would say: Do or do not, there is no try.

The latest design is a terrific throwback to the ride poster that arrived at Disneyland in January 1987 and Walt Disney World, at what was then known as Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios), in July 1989. The new tee and poster perfectly replicate the original charm and wonder of that first design. Everything is there: clumsy first-time pilot Rex (voiced, in the attraction and later on Star Wars Rebels, by Paul Reubens), the wonderful StarSpeeder vehicle, and the Star Tours logo. It’s all there, gloriously recreated.

We chatted with graphic designer Richard Terpstra, who said the line of tees and posters was inspired by a memory of leaving the original Star Tours attraction, combined with a desire to build excitement for the new film (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, out this Friday). “I had remembered those original attraction posters as you were going through the exit queue,” Terpstra explained. “And thought, Why don’t we do something based on those?”

With Richard’s talented team, he then made “logo-esque designs.” But, in typical Disney fashion, there’s also something hidden in the tees and posters. “There’s an easter egg for Disney design fans,” he said. “We designed them around the vintage EPCOT center pavilion logos.” Terpstra calls this a double whammy of getting “the content from the Star Tours attraction, and styled in that manner.” As for December’s tee he said, “We decided to end it on one big bang, with the original attraction poster.” Along with the new shirt and poster, you’ll be able to get all of the other shirts and posters that were previously offered. But the catch: it’ll be one week only. “Then they go back in our archives. Who knows if they’ll ever surface again!” Terpstra teases.

So starting on Friday, for a whole week, these posters will be available on Then they enter hyperspace—possibly for good.

Bespin Poster and Tee


Dagobah Poster and Tee


Endor Poster and Tee


Hoth Poster and Tee


Star Tours Poster and Tee

Star Tours

Yavin Poster and Tee



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