There is no question that for Disney loving runners, nothing quite beats running through Disney Property. That is part of what makes runDisney events so popular, with many events selling out in the first 24 hours of registration opening. But did you know you can run at Disney even when there are no races happening?

Ok, so you can’t run through the parks the same way you can during a race, but if you are training for a race and happen to be vacationing at Disney World, you don’t have to let your training suffer because there is no place to run.

Many of the Disney World resorts have jogging trails that you can run on. The distances vary by resort but most are at lest 1 mile long. The shortest is .75 mi along Lago Dorado at Coronado Springs and the longest is 2.5 between Fort Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Campground. While most courses are loops, there are a few that are straight lines from point A to point B, so running those as an out and back would essentially double the mileage of the run.

For more information on the jogging trails, to find out specific course rules (some trails are closed from dusk to dawn) and to get a copy of the course map, contact the front desk of your resort (or whatever resort you plan to run at). 

For your reference, we have included a list of resorts with trails with approximate course distances, as well as copies of the maps. Routes are subject to closure by Disney for construction and other reasons.

All Star Resorts: 1 Mile (A to B)

Caribbean Beach Resort:  1.2 Miles (Loop)

Contemporary: 0.89 Miles (Loop)

Coronado Springs Route A: 1 Mile (Loop)

Coronado Springs Route B: 0.75 Miles (Loop)

Fort Wilderness: 2.5 Miles (A to B)

Grand Floridian: 1 Mile (A to B)

Old Key West: 1.37 Miles (Loop)

Polynesian Village: 1 Mile (A to B)

Pop Century: 1.38 Miles (Loop)

Port Orleans Route A: 1.7 Miles (Loop)

Port Orleans Route B: 1 Mile (Loop)

Saratoga Springs Route A: 1.44 Miles (Loop)

Saratoga Springs Route B:  0.8 Miles (Loop)

Yacht and Beach Club: 0.8 Miles (Loop)

Epcot Area Resorts Route A: 7/8 Mile (Loop)

Epcot Area Resorts Route B: 1.3 Miles (Loop)

Epcot Area Resorts Route C: 0.8 Miles (Loop, same as Yacht and Beach Club above)

Epcot Area Resorts Route D: 2.4 Miles


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