Thanksgiving Themed Nails for your upcoming Disney Trip!


Thanksgiving is almost here! Yes, I admit, I’m terrible at doing my own nails, but it doesn’t stop me from trying or searching for great festive looks for each season. While looking around today, I came across these super cute Fall nails that would be great for the upcoming holiday. You could even add a Mickey head on top if you’d like, or if you have a steady hand! Here’s how to create the look above courtesy of ~

First, paint the base color- a pumpkin-soup yellow orange. You can use Color Club Explosive, a really intense orange/yellow neon. The best way to describe it is nuclear pumpkin soup. Then I mixed in some old Sally Hansen silver foil. Any metallic silver with a hint of shimmer/glitter will do. I mixed these together because the Explosive was just too much by itself and would overpower the stripes. You can franken the Color Club orange, but you need red + yellow neon to do it.

I used 75% Color Club and 25% Sally Hansen. Just enough for a hint of shimmer and to tone down the brightness of the orange.

I then added the red stripes, 3 per nail, using dollar store creme red with an extremely fine brush. Get a striping brush or a little paintbrush at the craft shop.

Then, I made the orange stripes on each nail. Just red creme and yellow creme to make orange. I used a slightly wider brush for this. Make the thickness of the stripes different so your nails don’t look like candy canes (at least not yet!)

Last, the green. Yellow and blue creme. You want it to be a little translucent so the surface of the glitter base polish shows. Solid green could clash with the orange, so just one stripe of translucent green ought to do it.

I put Seche Vite on as a topocoat. This needs some gloss on top to really look spectacular!

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