TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ #DisneyParade taping! @officialdfoster

It’s Thursday, that means it’s time for our feel good article of the week! Today was the second day of stage performances for the taping of Disney’s Christmas Parade. To say it was hot, would be an understatement. For it being November, it truly felt like a Summer day, like July maybe. The crowd was standing tightly together, in anticipation for the upcoming musical acts. When we arrived on the scene, Jason Derulo was about to perform, so it was good timing. He did an amazing rendition of a song from the Lion King, and there was also a surprise marriage proposal for a couple who came to the stage. All in all, so far so good, but it was so ridiculously hot.



After Jason Derulo, the wait was on for Ariana Grande…… and boy oh boy, did we wait. And wait…. and wait. The crowd was getting really overheated and it wasn’t too pleasant. Here’s where the extra kindness comes into play. The MC, Mark Daniel, was so nice and was very concerned about the crowd, being that it was so terribly hot outside. He kept asking of people were ok, telling people to be sure to stay hydrated. He’s really great at what he does. As time went on, we were still waiting for Ariana, and it just got hotter and hotter. A little while later, Mark came back out to tell the crowd that music legend, David Foster, actually got the entire crowd bottles of water! Within minutes, the fabulous Cast Members on the scene got busy making sure cold bottles of water were passed out to everyone there. The crowd was so courteous to each other as well. Everyone was sharing and were sure to check on the people around them, to ensure everyone was alright and got their water. It might sound simple or silly, but to the people in the crowd, the acts of kindness made a world of difference!



Everyone got their water, and eventually Ariana Grande made her appearance. As hot as it was, the crowd was really filled with wonderful and happy people, who truly made the best of the situation. Even the simplest acts of kindness a person can do, can make a huge difference to someone who needs it. A special thanks to David Foster for caring about the people who came out today, to Mark Daniel for being so awesome, and to the fabulous people who braved the heat with us in the crowd! A little kindness goes a long, long way!



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