TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Christmas Hits Disney World!

Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! Or should I say Merry Christmas? Since we spoke last week, Disney has gone from Halloween to full blown Christmas! Oh yes, it’s only the second week of November, but Christmas is definitely here at WDW! Let’s catch up, shall we?

As I said in last week’s blog, we were just getting back to town after being home in Michigan for my brother’s wedding. There really was no time to relax and regroup, because we got word that the Christmas festivities were starting. There was the soft opening of the Osborne lights that began, so we went over to take a look. I have to say, the Osborne Lights are a high point for Hollywood Studios. So much is changing over there, but I wish the lights weren’t a casualty of that. Last year was the first year that we got to see the lights, as we never came to WDW at Christmas time. Living here is a different story, as we can go check them out more often. Last night we went to the Studios to take a break and see the lights again. Truthfully, it made me sad. That display is beautiful, truly. The Christmas music they play is wonderful, and when the lights dance it tugs on your heart. Sigh. I’m going to miss the Osborne Lights very, very much. I hope they put them someplace else at WDW, it’s a shame that it’s ending this year.


Also last week, was the first lighting of Cinderella Castle for the season, so we took a work trip over to get coverage. Truthfully, trips like that aren’t really fun. It’s crowded, hot, and hard to fight the crowds to get a good view of what’s going on. The Castle lit up is gorgeous. This year they put lights on the new turrets on the side as well for extra effect. Elsa lit the Castle again, it was the same stage show as last year. I was hoping they’d go back to the Fairy Godmother doing the honors, but it is what it is. Still nice. It’s so strange, because as we’re hearing Christmas music and seeing the lights, we’re dying of heat! It’s been so hot here in Florida, and it makes it harder to get in the Christmas spirit when it’s 90 degrees outside. I hope a cool down is coming, even just a little bit. Now if I were in Michigan, I’m sure I’d complain about the weather there too! It’s always something!



We had friends in town last weekend, so we went to see the Osborne Lights again, then spent a few hours in Epcot on Sunday. In all honesty, the Food and Wine Festival has been rough this year. The crowds are outrageous, the lines for the food are big enough to where a fastpass could come in handy, and it’s been so hot that it’s hard to move. Lots of people who drank a little too much around the world are in full force as well. We really haven’t gone much at all. I know Fall is supposed to be the slow season at Disney, but I’m telling you, not this year. The parks have been packed! Not sure if it’s the weather, or vacation specials people took advantage of or what? It’s been crazy!



So that’s it for this weeks adventures. It’s been a BUSY couple of weeks that’s for sure. Between going back home and covering Christmas at Disney, we’re tired! The Christmas Parade is taping his week at the Magic Kingdom, and I’m hoping to get some footage, so stay tuned. Yes, another work trip! I attached the videos that we took of the Christmas festivities below, so be sure to check them out! Also, with today being Veterans Day, we’d like to thank all who have served this great country of ours, God bless you all! Until next week, sending you love, hugs, blessings and pixie dust! See ya real soon! ~M

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