Ferrytale Wishes: A Fireworks Dessert Cruise Review

Ferrytale Wishes: A Fireworks Dessert Cruise Review by Guest Blogger Anita Clampitt

When I first heard about this event on TMSM I was ready to book it! To have the opportunity to eat Disney desserts on a ferryboat I’ve taken to Magic Kingdom since I was a child, I couldn’t wait! I was one of the first ones online opening day and booked October 19th for our trip. I attended with my husband Allen, who was gracious enough to be my model for some of these pictures.

First I want to tell you some  Important info about booking and times. When I reserved my Fireworks Cruise the total cost was $99.00, which included tax & gratuity. The Fireworks were listed for 9pm but changed to 10pm weeks before the event. You’ll receive an email confirmation with info, which states to “reconfirm Fireworks schedule at least 2 weeks prior to arrival and again upon arrival at Park”. Thankfully I read it thoroughly. Check-in starts an hour and fifteen minutes prior to the Wishes fireworks and the boat departs forty-five minutes prior to fireworks.

Below is the check-in sign at the Ticket & Transportation Center next to where you board the ferryboat to Magic Kingdom. There’s seating on concrete benches by a restroom that I’ve never noticed and not sure if available for use during non-party events. I’ll have to check it out on my next trip. There were tables to stand at while sipping our sparkling apple cider (more on that later).

1After check-in you are given a souvenir Menu with info about the “General Joe Potter” and a special pin commemorating the event.


Shortly after check-in, a Cast Member was walking around with a tray of lighted souvenir glasses (plastic) with sparkling apple cider. There are two types of glasses, champagne & cocktail styles. There were two of us so I took one of each to have both styles. Another CM was handing out lighted necklaces to get you even more in the party mood! Then it is time to board the General Joe Potter. As soon as you board, you are given a souvenir plate to use and also take home.

23Now onto the food!! I loved the decorations, nicely done. As you can see from the menu pictured above the Magic Kingdom Resorts are represented. As soon as you board, you can fix your plate. There are food stations on both levels with plenty of bench seating and lighted tables to stand at. Several shorter lighted tables for those in wheelchairs, etc. where on the 1st level. There were fruit platters, pita bread, French bread, crackers, hummus, and a variety of cheeses too.

76Several alcoholic drinks were offered at certain stations including Punch with and without Vodka, Beer, and Wine. They also had Coffee, Hot Tea, Citrus Water, and plain water. Later a CM came by with a tray full of Mickey Bars!!! and several other flavors of ice cream desserts to choose from.

98We stopped near Magic Kingdom to view the Electrical Water Pageant and as you can see below, it is a close-up view! Shortly after the boat makes its way to another area to view Wishes Fireworks. I would recommend finding a spot on the correct side of the boat a few minutes prior. I didn’t and even though the boat isn’t real crowded, it was hard to get a spot. I ended up in the very back of the boat on the 2nd level which ended up being a little darker and made for better pictures. The music for the fireworks is piped in thru the boat’s speakers, and the fireworks were awesome to see from the water. It was cooler that night and several people were wrapped in blankets provided by Cast Members. Also, CM had flashlights to borrow while on the boat if you found it too dark. Blankets and flashlights were collected at the end of the event as you were leaving. I had read about the bathroom provided on the boat and thankfully didn’t have to use it so I can’t comment on it except that I did smell it as we were leaving.


111213Right after the Fireworks are finished, the boat heads back to the Ticket and Transportation Center. We received a plastic bag to put our plate and glass in since they were dirty. I couldn’t resist taking two sugar slippers since they are too hard to eat and too pretty to throw away. As we disembarked, a CM was handing out the few balloon decorations from the dock and I was lucky enough to get one. I can’t guarantee that they always do this or that there will be any left when you get off but worth a look if you want one.

14My husband and I really enjoyed the cruise and would highly recommend it. I think it was worth the price when you consider all of the souvenirs, factor in what it must cost to run and staff a ferry boat, and the desserts were awesome!! You don’t have to enter a Park so no Park Ticket is required and can be a non-park day event. We shopped and ate at Disney Springs during the day and attended this at night. If you are an Annual Passholder like us who have done just about all there is to do, this offers a new and exciting aspect of Disney!

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