In April Disney Cruise Line announced that “Tangled: The Musical” would be coming to the Disney Magic this November as a part of it’s on ship entertainment. For those of you that have experienced a Disney Cruise Line musical, you know the level of quality to expect. For those of you that haven’t, imagine a Broadway Quality Musical, at sea… The cast, stories, music, sets and effects of a Disney Cruise Line musical are amazing.


Yesterday the Disney Park’s Blog released an article full of facts and figures about “Tangled: The Musical” that will premiere on the November 11th sailing of the Magic. We wanted to share those facts with you in a little more “organized” fashion!

In the show you will see:

  • 1 15-foot-tall tower
  • 1 Pub of the Snuggly Duckling variety
  • 7 locations
  • 9 musical thugs with a dream
  • 15 scenes
  • 17 physical lanterns floating over the aisles
  • 20 glowing flowers hidden in a mural
  • 40 scenic elements to help tell the story
  • 47 amazing performers and technicians that bring the story to life
  • 60 wigs
  • 85 pairs of shoes
  • 125 costumes
  • 200 different types of fabric (one of which was custom created for the show)
  • 200 feet of Princess hair
  • Countless animated floating lanterns
  • and of course 1 smoking smoulder!


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