DIY Bottle Lantern

 DYI Bottle Lantern by Guest Blogger Sarah Cox

Please note: This activity is not safe or recommended for anyone under the age of 13 without parental supervision.

~Plastic Bottle with wide top (white or opaque preferred)
~LED Tealight
~Xacto Knife with fresh blade
~Glow in the dark paint (optional)
~Superglue OR rubber cement
~Pattern or a sharpie to draw one on bottle

 1.  You will want to start with a clean and dry bottle, I work in a pharmacy so I have an endless supply at my fingertips of varying sizes, a milk jug would work just fine if it is a sturdier plastic.


2.  Next you draw or apply the design. (I tacked mine on with a dab of glue stick on the ends)


3.  Carefully use the Xacto knife to cut out the designs. If you want it to look more “shadowed” do not cut all the way thru the design at the base of each shape and gently push it into the center of the bottle. I did save the cutouts.


4.  If you saved the cutouts GREAT!  I applied the 2 bats I cut out with rubber cement and let them sit until dry. For extra effect I used a little glow in the dark paint to make sure the bats eyes popped.

5.  Turn on the tea light and drop it in, turn off the lights and enjoy!


For a toddler friendly version you can decorate the outside with glow in the dark paint- no sharp objects needed!
For multi-color effects use a color changing LED tea light!

About Sarah by Aut:
Sarah is a Disney fan, mom, awesome Disney friend and pumpkin carving queen. When she’s not busy working her day job in the pharmacy and being a awesome mom she is perfecting the art of “pumpkin carve-ery” on any surface she can. Sarah strongly supports the belief that a magic word and a pumpkin can change a gals life forever! She is a loyal supporter of TMSM and cherished member of TMSM Fan Nation.

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