Today In Disney History ~ September 25th

Today In Disney History ~ September 25th


Below is information on this year’s $399 per person Haunted Halloween event at Hong Kong Disneyland.

“This year at Disney Haunted Halloween, frightful fun is extended to the great outdoors as the lands are transformed into a Ghost Town!

hkdl-event-disneys-haunted-halloween-2015-event-hero-02 Curse of the Emerald Trinity

According to tribal lore, three ancient stones, known as the “emerald trinity,” were placed in the jungle centuries ago by a voodoo tribe. “Immortality is the reward for escaping the jungle with one stone,” the legend goes, “A fate worse than death, however, is the price for failure!” It is believed that thieves have ignored this prophecy and taken two of the ancient stones, awakening the spirit in the stones and wreaking havoc on all.
Joined by our Navigator, you set off on the Jungle River Cruise in the darkened nighttime hours. Will the Navigator maneuver you to safety, or are his intentions that of greed and a more self-serving nature? We dare you to not get lost on this perilous quest!

The Haunting of Grizzly Gulch

The green mist has invaded Grizzly Gulch, cursing it to continuously relive a vicious, eternal feud fought between the Miners and the Cowboys.
Legend has it that years ago, the Cowboys and the Miners were the first to arrive at the town of Grizzly Gulch. Before long, the Cowboys and Miners discovered the geysers – and the strange, mad-inducing green water bubbling up from within. Upon consuming the water, the Cowboys and Miners got into a quarrel and eventually a gunfight, with not a soul left standing!
Now years later, the Miners and Cowboys have come back to life in the streets of Grizzly Gulch to settle old scores! What’s more, the mysterious green waters still flow through the land and bubble up in the geysers. A word of warning: DON’T drink the water, and DON’T get lost in the middle of this relentless feud!

Ghosts Rising

Several times a night, join “the Engineer,” an eccentric and mysterious fellow who roams Grizzly Gulch and seems to have a curious connection to the spirits of days long gone. He loves to gather an audience and regale his story of the epic feud between the Miners and the Cowboys and how it came to pass.
It’s a tale of bad luck and misfortune and who knows if the rivalry will ever cease or if both sides will hold an uncompromising grudge till the end of time.

hkdl-event-disneys-haunted-halloween-2015-MP-03Cycle of the Spirits

The green mist has penetrated the gates of Mystic Point and created a time-warp for the undead, who are cursed to relive one hour of their lives in a repetitive time loop. The clock will only stop if the ghostly spirits are granted mortality – by whoever possesses the glowing antique green amulet.
As Mystic Point comes to life with Ghosts from a bygone era, the Timekeeper keeps watch on all the spirits ensuring that when the “time is up” they all return to the portal, so that the time loop can begin all over again.
Feel free to interact with these beguiling and sinisterly playful ghosts as they go about their “normal” activities, but don’t get caught in their quest for the green amulet and don’t get lost in the immortal time-warp!

Mickey’s Trick or Treat

Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay and the whole gang are prepared for some spooky Trick or Treating in their favorite Halloween costumes, and now the invitation is extended to you! Disguise yourself in your favorite costume to celebrate some nighttime fun with your favorite Disney friends, and take some frightfully fearless photos with witches, mummies, vampires and ghouls!

Horrifyingly Delicious Dishes

Even if you get lost this Halloween, don’t forget to satiate your hunger with any of our fiendishly fabulous selections of menus, sets and snacks throughout the park and resort.
Reward yourself with the “Tahitian Pumpkin Surprise Set” at Tahitian Terrace, grab a “Tandoori Chicken Stick” from the Lucky Nugget Salon, indulge in a “Gloomy Sticky Rice” at the Explorer’s Club Restaurant; or savor the devilish “Coca-Cola Halloween Special Set Menu” at Main Street Corner Cafe Hosted by Coca-Cola® or the “Baymax Burger” at Starliner Diner.
Be sure to try out the sinisterly scrumptious “Jack’s Shrimp Dumplings” at Crystal Lotus or the deliriously delectable “Halloween Afternoon Tea Set” at Walt’s Cafe at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. With all the wickedly wonderful feasts to appease all tastes, you will have no choice but to spoil yourself rotten!

Halloween Treats Galore

Choose from the three assortments of ghoulishly great treats we have conjured for you this Halloween – Mickey Family, Halloween themed Tsum Tsum and Nightmare before Christmas – with Limited Edition Pins, Plush, Accessories, Apparel, Consumables, Stationery, Home Décor and Souvenirs. Be sure to catch ShellieMay as she debuts at her first Halloween featuring in both Mickey family and Tsum Tsum assortments!Disney Haunted Halloween is available from October 2 to October 31, 2015 (Every Friday to Sunday).”


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