Just Someone in a Costume? Not at Disney!


Just someone in a costume? Say it isn’t so! Now, before I get in trouble for killing any magic, just go with me here for a minute. You know I try to keep things real, from a Disney Fans perspective, so stick with me on this thought!

From a logical, “grown up” point of view, meeting a character at any certain place, is meeting a person in a costume, pretending to be that character. Makes sense. We see this happen all the time, at many different locations. For example, we see Mascots at sporting events, Chuck-E-Cheese at his location, we can even meet and take pictures with a cow at Chick Fil-A on certain days. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s not a thrill, sometimes not even worth taking a picture of yourself with said characters. No big deal. So, why doesn’t this “no biggie” attitude apply at Disney Parks? What’s different?

If you’re a follower of my writings, then you know I’m always talking about Disney “magic” and all the awesome things it can do. No, I can’t put my finger on how they get the masses to feel the magic, but still, I’m in awe of it. That magic separates the difference in not getting excited for the Chick Fil-A Cow, but going nuts when seeing Mickey Mouse at a Disney Park. I know you know what I mean. You’ve seen it yourself, grown adults, standing on the sidewalk on Main Street USA, waiting for a parade to roll by, smiling, looking at their watches, tending to their kids, etc. Once Mickey Mouse’s float starts rolling by, that “adult” starts yelling, laughing, and WAVING at Mickey like it’s their favorite Rock Star. All that grown up business goes out the window. You don’t see anyone doing that at the chicken place, do you? That’s why Disney is magic, it can turn fantasy into reality, even for a short period of time.


I see this in my own kids as they are getting older, especially Andrew, teenager. He knows what’s real and what’s make believe, he’s not a believer in Santa or the Easter Bunny, you get the idea. However… when Disney Characters are involved, I see a change. When we stand in line to meet Mickey, both my kids have their autograph books ready, same goes with any character really. Once they get to see the big “cheese” himself, they both run up to him, give him hugs and smile brightly for pictures. To them, that IS Mickey, and that moment is real to them. My little one Aidan truly believes, and for those certain moments, so does Andrew. That’s what Disney Magic can do. I never seen them light up or ask the “cow” for an autograph, or “Paws” the Mascot at the Detroit Tigers baseball game. Disney is just different.

Even though in our heart of hearts, we “know” the real side of things. Yes, someone is actually there, portraying our favorite characters, that’s reality. But, Disney isn’t about reality, is it? A true Disney Fan can feel the difference, the real world doesn’t matter, and to us, seeing Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc…. that’s a celebrity sighting for us. It’s a big deal. I always say, when it comes to Disney, “either you get it, or you don’t.” I also always say that you Main Streeters are “my people” because you DO indeed get it when it comes to Disney Magic, and I thank you for sharing that with me. I don’t know about you, but this “adult” will continue to wait in line to meet my favorite characters, stand by the side of the road and wave at Mickey on a parade float, and just cherish that magic for what it is. No, chicken restaurants, kids pizza places, and sporting events don’t get that same treatment, but then again, they’re missing that one thing. Disney Magic! So no, for us, it’s not just someone in a costume, it’s the real deal, it’s Disney, and it’s wonderful. As always, thank you for reading, and feel free to add your own stories and comments as well! ~M

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