Last night we went over to Downtown Disney with friends to check out the new merchandise and such for the Force Friday event, which kicks off the countdown to the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. The various stores had quite a bit of merchandise to choose from, but Once Upon a Toy had the most!


The window displays on the side of Once Upon A Toy were pretty elaborate and showed some new characters from the upcoming Force Awakens. Inside there was a TON of new merchandise including shirts, toys, phone cases, pins, jackets and much more!



The new light saber was a popular item too. It belongs to the new villain in the upcoming film, Kylo Ren. (see, I’m learning before the movie comes out!)


Then at end of the evening, after browsing all the Star Wars goodies, we swung over to Starbucks, where they had special Star Wars themed frappuccino’s for the occasion~ The Trooper (white chocolate), Green Master (mint and green tea) and the Dark Side (dark chocolate). All were good!


So there you have it, my Force Friday recap from Downtown Disney! I’m not hugely into Star Wars, but after seeing all the new merchandise for the Force Awakens, I’m actually looking forward to seeing the film when it hits theaters this December! Stay tuned for more updates as we seen them! ~M

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